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How Using Natural Consequences Can Help You Parent- Ep 285

The definition of natural consequence is the logical outcome of a decision that is made.  It’s the result of behavior that isn’t planned or controlled  Utilize natural consequences can effectively help you parent.  If you want your child to learn, sometimes the best thing you can do is allow them to make mistakes. Natural consequences are a great way to allow your child to safely make mistakes. Your child is resourceful. They will learn from their own mistakes. In this episode of the Dad University Podcast, Jason and Allen discuss strategies to utilize natural consequences when parenting. If you want to learn more parenting tips for dads, you’ll want to checkout out Dad University Program. This program will help you gain more confidence in your parenting, reduce stress, improve your mindset and provides you a proven fatherhood formula.​ For more information on the Dad University Program, click here:…​ ​