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Is Being an Entrepreneur Dad Possible? The Valuable Lessons I Learned | Dad University Podcast Ep. 275

For my entire professional career, I have been an entrepreneur.  Coming out of graduate school, I got involved with my mother’s business (she was a very successful author and seminar speaker), and shortly after that started my first real company.  I’m not counting the business I started one summer in elementary school as a real company.    Then I had a series of companies that I had either started or been involved with for nearly 25 years.  Along the way, I got married and had 2 kids.  I’ve learned a lot from that time.  Both what to do and certainly what not to do.    In this episode, I wanted to talk about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur dad and offer some tips on how to make it work and maybe some things to avoid.  There is actually a term Fatherpreneur.  You might be an entrepreneur who is thinking about being a father....or you are already a father and thinking about starting your own business.  Either way, I hope some of these tips are valuable for you.