5 Ways to Stop Feeling Dad Guilt - Ep 316

This episode is from a video I did called     “5 Ways To Stop Feeling Dad Guilt”
Dad guilt is something that nearly every dad will experience at some point. Whether you experience your fatherhood guilt as an expectant dad or after your children are born, there is always situations and experiences that will allow the guilt to creep in. In this episode I go over 5 ways you can stop feeling dad guilt. These are practical tips for fathers to implement. I also provides a story of how I reduced my dad guilt simply by communicating to my child. We also learn that not all guilt is bad. If feeling guilty as a father can help us make some decisions that are beneficial to our children and family, guilt can also be a good thing. It can cause us to take action.  Be sure to check out the Dad University Membership at https://www.daduniversity.com