Pushing Yourself Beyond Limits – Interview with Ultramarathon Runner Dad Alex Nemet – Dudes To Dads Ep 185

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In this episode we talk with Alex Nemet, an ultramarathon runner who has learned to push himself beyond his limits.  Here are some of his stats:

– He has been doing these races for over 15 years
– He is approaching 50 – 100 mile + races
– He has climbed the highest peaks on 5 of the 7 continents
– One of his races included 352 miles across the arctic – pulling a 60 pound sled, not by dogs, he was the dog
– At the time of this interview, he is in the middle of going after the triple crown of 200 mile races – he’s done 2 of 3 in the span 4 weeks.

Here are some of the questions  Alex answers:
When did you do your first race? How ling was it?
How did you decide to build up the amount?
What was the reason you did your first race?
How do you become mentally strong to overcome your own limiting beliefs.
How did your first race go?
In addition to races you have also gone on expeditions? What have those been like?
How did you prepare? Food, your body, clothing,
What do you feel like right before a race?
How many people start vs how many people finish?
What about sleep or lack of it? How much do you sleep during the race?
What does it feel like during the race? You talked about hallucinations. What brings that on?
What about night time? You run in the middle of the night? How do you do that with no or little instruction on where to go?
Is this fun for you? What do you think is the driving force behind your desire to do this?
As a dad, what do your kids think of it? Are they simply like “ok dad, we’ll see you in a few days?”


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