Posted By Jason Kreidman On October 17, 2017

We focus so much on the parent-child relationship, however, it’s important for us to focus on the relationship we have with our spouse. Here are some relationship advice tips for dads:

1) Listen to her instead of trying to solve problems – We men have a tendency to try and solve problems instead of just listening.

2) Know her love language and do more of it: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, or Physical Touch…and do more of it

3) Say “I love you” more. Send her a text during the day or write her a note. Don’t make it sexual, just be vanilla

4) Remember your anniversary (and her birthday). Plan something of getting her gifts, depending on her love language

5) Don’t complain – Nobody likes to hear complaining. Even if it’s not about her. Refrain from verbalizing it.

6) Give her compliments – While they can be physical, men often compliment when they want something. Compliment her on something non-physical or non-sexual, and expect nothing in return.

7) Plan a weekend getaway without kids – Go away for a weekend. If you can’t afford to go anywhere, have your kids go away for a weekend to a friend’s or relative’s house. Maybe you can do an exchange with another family.

8) If something is bothering you in the relationship, look at what you could do differently in order to get a different response. Maybe it’s not her? Sometimes we have to look at our own behavior and what we might be causing.

9) Don’t be critical – Instead of saying what you don’t like, say what you do like

10) Offer help unsolicited – Don’t ask if she needs help, instead make a statement to help. For example, “I’ll go pick up the kids tonight. Why don’t you take a few minutes to relax”.

11) Reduce or Eliminate Expectations – This one is hard but we all do it. Are you placing high expectations on your spouse? Stop doing and see how that affects how to respond to each other.