Restarting Your Relationship With Your Child After Divorce – Dudes To Dads Ep 119

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For Episode 119, Alan and Jason are joined by Jason’s friend Alan who’s story helps articulate some of the difficulties dads go through with their kids during a divorce.  Sometimes the relationship can feel like you are starting over.  For the kids, they may be in an unfamiliar environment which can add additional stress to them.  The discussion some understanding of what both dads and their kids may go through during the divorce as well as offering these tips to maintain the connection with your child during these difficult times:

1. Make sure the time you do spend with them is quality, focused attention

2. Don’t force it – be flexible

3. Be involved in their activities

4. Communicate often – text, phone, skype, email.  Schedule if possible

5. Be consistent  – do what you say you are going to do – times, schedules, etc.

6. Have to cooperate with ex whether you want to or not – sometimes that cooperation needs to be forced.

7.  Showing them love – more important than telling.  Show interest in what they are doing.  Discover things you can share.…

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