Should Children Share Your Bed? Family Mission Statement, Video Game Debate – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 5

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We began Dudes to Dads Episode 5 with the mailbag and discussing children sleeping in your bed.  We then discuss transitions and talk about playgrounds or other places where kids don’t want to leave and the struggle that can cause.  Jason instructs you on how to create a family mission statement and provides homework for dads.  On SuperCharge, we learn about TagaBikes and how cool they are for both parent and child.  We debate the use of video games and learn about a 5 second compliment to give to our women.  We close Episode 5 with a quote by Jim Valvano and teaching your kids something valuable.


Welcome and intro (0:00)

Mailbag – Should children sleeping in bed with you? (6:45)

The Battlefield – Transitions for kids (12:50)

Stuff to Do – Create a family mission statement (16:34)

Dad’s Homework – Catch your child doing something positive (21:28)

SuperCharge – Bike/stroller combo (24:20)

Debate – Video games (27:27)

Light Her Fire – 5 Second Compliment (35:35)

Quote of the Day – by Jim Valvano (38:42)


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