Sibling Arguments, Children Teaching Class, Age For Makeup, Negative Talk – Dudes To Dads Ep 14

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We bring back the Battlefield and discuss sibling arguments and how to handle them a little differently than usual.  It helps prevent one child from from being a victim over another. For Stuff To Do, we suggest asking your child to teach a class in which you are the student.  Let them choose which topic or help them choose if they are younger.  We then debated on the appropriate age for girls to begin wearing makeup.  We didn’t have an answer but discuss how important it is to help your daughters feel “pretty” on the inside.  We then move into Dad’s Homework in which we suggest writing your criticisms of your child rather than saying them. It allows you to still get it out without effecting the child.  In Light Her Fire, Dr. Ellen discusses the negative game in which you have to kiss your spouse every time you say something negative.  We then finish off the podcast with a famous quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are correct.”


Welcome & Intros (0:00)

The Battlefield (3:56) – What to do when siblings argue?

Stuff to Do (9:22) – Attend a class taught by your child.

Debate (12:07) – What age is appropriate for girls to wear makeup?

Dad’s Homework (17:23) – Write down your criticisms of your child rather than saying it.

Light Her Fire (20:22) – Play the negative game

Quote of the Day (24:24) – Famous quote by Henry Ford.

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