Posted By Jason Kreidman On May 23, 2017

Terry Liskevych is the President and CEO of The Art of Coaching.  The Art of Coaching helps teach coaches how to effectively manage and run their teams.

1) First, we discuss Terry’s background, how he got started, and some of his career highlights, etc.

Here is a little background on Terry:

  • Former Collegiate Volleyball Head Coach
  • The Ohio State Men’s Team – 1975-1976
  • University of the Pacific – Women’s Team – 1976-1984
  • Oregon State University – Women’s Team – 2005-2015
  • Took college teams to seven final fours
  • Collegiate Coach of the Year – 1983
  • PAC-12 Coach of the Year – 2014
  • Former USA Women’s Volleyball National & Olympic Coach – 1985-1996
  • International Coach of the Year 1995
  • Two adult kids – Mark & Krista – both played several youth sports and both played soccer in HS and College

2) We talk about what ages are appropriate to get kids into sports.  Should it be competitive?

3) Terry talks about multiple sports and the Pros / Cons on each

4) The reality of competition and playing at a higher level

5) Also, he talks about recruiting and or the process of getting into college sports.  He has some tips for parents of children in high school who are thinking about playing in college.

6) 5 Tips To Be an Effective Sports Parent
A) It’s about them
B) Have fun
C) Learning Skills
D) Support – unconditional skills
E) 1%…