Stop Telling Your Child You Are Proud of Them | Dad University Video Ep. 131

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While you may have the feeling of being proud of your child, there can be issues in the way we express it.  Saying “I’m so proud of you” can actually have a negative effect on the child.  In this video we provide an alternative to “I’m so proud of you” that you express.  It is more beneficial to the child.

We believe there are some problems with saying that you are proud of your child.  It really becomes about you instead of the child, it’s an external source of affirmation, and sometimes can insinuate superiority.

Let’s build our child up from the inside so they don’t have to rely on us for external judgment to feel good.   When we say “You should be proud of yourself” it gives themselves the sense of accomplishment and allowed them to internalize what they did.  It does then become about them and not us.


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