Stop Wasting Money – 5 Things NOT To Buy or Spend Money on as a New Dad Dad University Video Ep. 181

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Money is a big source of stress for new fathers.  With all of the marketing done for baby products, it leaves you feeling like you have to get them.  We see a lot of new dads struggling with the idea that they NEED to give their child the best of everything.  Here is the reality: The quality of who you are as a father is not determined by the things you buy for your child. Especially when your baby is new, we spend so much money on frivolous purchases that we may be convinced are necessary. Our latest video – Stop Wasting Money – 5 Things To NOT BUY could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


In this video, Jason shares 5 things not to buy or spend money on as a new dad. Don’t get caught up in it all. There are enough expenses related to children that we don’t need to waste money on things we (or the baby) don’t need. Be sure to like the video and leave a comment below!


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