The 14 Biggest Lies Parents Tell Their Kids – Dudes To Dads Ep 195

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Since the beginning of time, children have relied on their parents to pass down wisdom and knowledge about the world. Unfortunately, parents have taken advantage of this and have told their kids some lies. We are not always sure of the motive for the lie, but it happens all the time.

1. Sitting too close too the TV will ruin your eyes – in the 50s they were worried about radiation. This is no longer a concern. You might get some temporary eye strain bu their is no long term effects.

2. Carrots will help you see better – Vitamin A is good for your eye health but doesn’t make you see better

3. If you eat watermelon seeds, they will grow in your stomach – The digestive system isn’t a good place for them to grow, they will come through the system just fine.

4. Swallowing your gum takes 7 years to digest – it will pass through the digestive system just fine

5. Storks deliver babies – It’s just a lot easier than explaining the truth but for some parents, they just aren’t ready to explain it.

6. Wait 30 minutes after you have eaten to go in the pool or you will cramp up – your food needs to digest – no merit to this

7. If you keep making that face, your face will get stuck – There are multiple muscles in your face and they won’t get stuck

8. If you pee in the pool, it will turn red – This was used as a detterent to keep kids peeing in the pool. It’s not true and not sure how good it works.

9. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows – more than 17 million adults still believe that. The color of the cow doesn’t matter

10. Ice cream trucks play music when they are out of ice cream – I never had this one but boy is that a good one.

11. Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis – doesn’t cause weakness to joints or damage

12. Reading in the dark ruins your eyes – it can strain your eyes or give you a headache but it’s not going to ruin them

13. Your nose will grow if you lie – Unlike Pinocchio your nose doesn’t grow. However researchers have found that the nose can become flush or heat up as a result of a lie

14. The car can’t start unless you buckle your seat belt. – You might hear an annoying beep but the car will still start. It might be a decent idea for safety though.

Do you guys have any lies your parents told you? Contact us


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