The Art of Good Sex – Interview with SpiresMen Co-founder Joe Zanotelli – Dudes to Dads Podcast Ep 210

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Joe and his wife Jeni recently co-founded the company SpiresMan, which offers courses to “Teach good men the art of good sex.”  Joe is a retired electrical engineer with 25 years of experience, he has an executive MBA From UCSD and holds five US patents.  Joe and Jeni have spent the last seven years exploring sexuality, spirituality, and consciousness.  He has taught classes and coached men around sexuality for the last three years and is a Certified Orgasmic Meditation Trainer and Coach.

1. How did you get into this area of work?  It seems to be a long way from Engineering?  What had you want to start SpiresMan?

2. Is it anything like Engineering for you?  They seem completely different?  Are there some similarities?

3. You say that most men didn’t learn enough about sex to be successful in the bedroom.

a) Where do most men learn about sex?

b) Can you elaborate on a few things you think most men never learned?

4. Some men my think its not them that’s the problem.  They would have sex every night.  They may even like it as a way to come down.  But their wife, on the other hand, not to say anything bad their wife’s, but she’s just not into it.  Don’t you think a class for her is a good idea?

5. What do you see as the biggest challenge as to why men don’t get the support they need around sex?

6. What’s one of the most important things a man needs to know about good sex?

7. A lot of men with kids are frustrated because they have so much to do, like work, and fix things around the house, and play with the kids, and handle things for their wife.  Especially if they are a good guy and are doing their best.  Do you have any advice for how they can add in another thing to their life, like take a course to learn about good sex, not to mention even just scheduling sex itself, into their full schedules?

8. After couples have kids, often the sex life just dies.  The wife might tell her husband she feels fat or gross or unattractive.   But no matter how much a man might tell her he think she’s hot, she just doesn’t see it herself.  What should he do?

9. Sometimes women seem tired and stressed because of all of the kids and running around they do.  A man might have the sense that she doesn’t want to be bothered.  How do you think a man should handle this?

10. You teach mean in groups.   I could see for some guys this could be intimidating or uncomfortable. What do you see as the benefit of men being in groups with other men?   Do you teach privately as well?

11. What kind of other programs are out there that are like SpiresMan?

12. What kind of courses do you offer?

13. What else does SpiresMan offer besides courses?

14. Why don’t you offer courses couples?  Can someone really improve their sex life all by themselves?

15. What’s the best way to learn more about SpiresMan?  or if someone wants to get a hold of you, what is the best way to do that?


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