The Benefits of Family Vacations | Dad University Podcast Ep. 226

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When I think back on my childhood, some of the great memories are the family vacations we took. We went to the mountains, to the beach, on cruises.  My parents loved to travel so they would allow us to tag along every once in a while.  Do you remember going on family vacations when you were younger?

Maybe we took more pictures during vacations so that is why I remember them.  I understand not everyone has the financial means to do something extravagant, but getting away with the family can be an awesome adventure.

I have seen a  few notes in which experts say that parents spending money on vacations is better than toys.  Spending money on experiences makes us happier than things.

Here are some benefits:

1) Making Memories – No question that these trips can create memories.  While there certainly can be the chance of negative memories if something goes wrong, we prefer to focus on the positive memories that come from it.

2) Improve bonding – when you experience things together, that in itself can bring you closer together.

3) Expands the kids’ comfort zone – Vacations exposed us to different things – new people, new places, cultures, food.  Getting kids out of their comfort zone is a good thing.  It’s a break in routine.  It can even improve their social skills as they interact with people they normally don’t.

4) Benefit brain development – all of the sensations we experience through touch, sight, smell, etc.  Then you also have the brain expanding when you go and seek adventure.

5) Reduces stress – Most vacations are designed to help you relax and unwind.  they are supposed to reduce your stress.  If this isn’t happening then you are probably choosing the wrong vacations. Some people reduce their stress by participating in activities while others prefer to read a good book in a quiet place. You do what works for you and your family.

6) Promotes happiness – not only is it proven that having something to look forward to can improve our happiness, but while you are on vacation you release happiness hormones during your experiences.  There is also a thing called “happiness anchor” which children can use

The truth is for most people with young kids, they go where they want to go and the kids come along.  I think this is fine.  When kids are young, they will probably not remember the vacation.  So you are going to want to guarantee a place where you will have fun.


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