Posted By Jason Kreidman On May 21, 2019

In todays podcast we go over the hardest things about parenting.

Keeping calm – You may have a stressful day or be in a bad mood and it’s difficult to shut that and be happy and present for your kids.  Seems kids often get the brunt of the stress and anxiety we feel (at least for me)

Balancing work/life – Spending time with kids yet working and/or doing other things that bring you value

Knowing how to handle new situations – You are constantly faced with new things, especially as they get older and face new challenges

Consistency / Repetition – Feeling like you say the same thing 1000 times before they get it…and then they slip up

Defiance – Kids knowingly doing something you have told them not to do.  It’s hard to not take it personally.

Letting go – Them wanting to be with their friends instead of hanging out with you.