Posted By On May 31, 2016

Time is the most important thing we have. With children it isn’t always about the amount of time versus the quality of time.  Episode 65 is about creating memories and the importance of them in our kid’s lives.

Jason shared how a friend was talking about how he lived with a single mom. However he spent occasional weekends with his dad and they are awesome memories. He looks back with great fondness.  Of course now we take so many more pictures than in the past, it’s easier to remember them.

Here are some ways to create memories with your child:

Go on a one on one vacation. Leave the spouse and other siblings and take the child somewhere over the weekend. For example, the camping trips, stay in a hotel, amusement parks, etc. The one on one time is so valuable.

Schedule a regular date with your child. For example, every Sunday night, maybe your daughter and you go to dinner, or go for a walk. Something on a regular basis.

Make holidays significant. Decorate, make them a big deal. Not for the presents but for the celebration of being together.

Make a regular dinner night. For example, in our house, Friday night is always mexican food. The kids (and us) look forward to it.

Rooting for a team – Watch or even attend your favorite sporting events and be sure to include the kids.

Share a hobby together – Jason’s dad had a coin collection. For a while when he was young, he collected coins and would show his dad the new finds.

Take a lot of pictures or videos. Record things that you may regularly do: reading time at night, helping with homework, etc. They will be able to …