Tips for New Dads During Pregnancy | Dad University Video Ep. 90

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Alright, come here. I’m going to give you some very valuable tips for new dads during pregnancy.  I have been through two pregnancies with my wife….and I learned pretty quickly during the first one what worked, and what didn’t.  If you have watched my other videos, and we have a lot of them, you know I’m going to tell you what works.  You don’t have to agree, you just have to do it.  Check out these tips:

#1 Be Empathetic – Out of all of the tips for new dads during pregnancy, being empathetic is the most important.  If you don’t get anything else out of this video, remember this one. Put yourself in her place.  Look at the pregnancy from her point of you. Imagine being her. If you can learn to be empathetic during the pregnancy, you are well on your way to the husband hall of fame (pause, make a ding sound, show trophy with #1 husband)

#2 – Don’t Comment on Her Appearance –  She may call herself names or comment on how she looks.  Say nothing.  If you have a problem with keeping your mouth shut and just don’t have that ability, then say something nice. I’m repeating this, don’t ever, ever say anything negative about how she looks. (maybe pause the video and put something over my mouth?)  I’m warning you now, you will regret it.

#3 – Listen to Her – Us men have a tendency not to be very good listeners.  But an important tip for new dads during pregnancy is to listen to her.  She may be scared, have doubts, or are concerned about one thing or another.  Be there for her and listen.  Remember the 1st tip of being empathetic.

#4 – Help Her – She may be capable of handling things on her own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help.  It’s a great way to be supportive.  Some women are perfectly fine asking for help but then some find it difficult. If you are not sure how you can help her, then ask her.  Make sure she knows and is clear that her asking for your help is welcomed. That could mean going to the doctor’s visits so you understand what is going on, washing her car as a surprise, or doing extra cleaning around the house.  It doesn’t matter, figure out what would make her feel good.  This is a very important tip for new dads.

#5 – No Complaining – You simply don’t have the right, and nobody wants to hear it.  She’s the one carrying the child, dealing with morning sickness and feeling the effects of the physical and mental changes that pregnancy can bring. The main tip for new dads here is just to keep quiet, don’t complain.  You may think something, just don’t say it. You are in a no win situation. You are going to want to follow these tips for new dads during pregnancy to reduce stress on her and to let her know you are there for her.  This is crucial during pregnancy as it sets the tone for when the child arrives.

I’d love to hear from you.  Are you currently going through pregnancy?  How has it gone so far?  Leave your feedback in the comments!

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