Top Fears of Becoming a New Dad – Dudes To Dads Ep 61

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Dealing with the transition from single guy to being a dad is exactly why Dudes To Dads was founded.  For most, the process is scary, unknown, and brings up issues that you have never had to deal with before.  In this episode 61, Alan and Jason discuss some of the top fears that men have in becoming a father.  Dads need to realize that they are not alone.  Having these fears is very common.

1. Labor – The actual process of delivery.  It is like nothing you have ever seen before.  Life coming out of your wife.

2. Fear of health issues for the baby during pregnancy – You just want the baby to be healthy and be delivered ok.3. Fear of health issues for the baby after pregnancy – Once the bay has arrived, you once again just want the baby to be healthy and thriving.

4. Will I be able to provide financially? Can I afford the baby?

5. Will I ever get to sleep again?  Eventually you will but the beginning is pretty brutal.

6. Fear of having sex during pregnancy?  Will sex hurt the child?  Will sex potentially hurt my wife?

7. Will having the baby kill our intimacy?
 Probably yes, but there are things you can do to reduce that….and some things you can’t.

8. Having Sex after childbirth – What will it be like?  Things may be different physically and emotionally.

9.  How can I keep the child safe?  – The world is a scary place!  We just want to keep them from harm.

10. How will I be able to maintain a work-life balance? See episode 46.  Things just sort of change.  You are forced to make changes.

11. Is everything we do going to center around the baby/kids?  In the


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