What Did We Learn in the First 200 Episodes? Dudes To Dads Ep 200

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So in celebrating our 200th episode, I thought it would be fun to review some of our most important topics. We have covered a lot but there are definitely topics that have stood out for me.

Before we do that, I wanted to touch on how the podcast and videos have effected me personally. There is no question they have effected me as a parent, a husband, and just me as a person overall.

Here’s the thing, neither of us claimed to be experts at these topics. But we do have an interest in learning more and enhancing our lives.

I feel like the podcasts (and the videos) essentially force me to learn new things. I set the goal that we do one of these per week and every week there is something I am learning. Even if its a topic I am familiar with, it still allows me to learn.

Here are some topics that I think impacted me the most:

Soon to be dads and new dads are really scared – There is a lot of need out there for men just realizing they are not alone. Getting support from us and other resources.

Dad’s care a lot – The typical stereotype is that dads are goofy and can’t do anything. This podcast and our videos are proud to be working to change the narrative. There are dads that care and serious about parenting.

It’s ok to need help or ask for help – Guys have a tough time admitting they need help but I think it’s important for us to continue to let men know that it’s ok.

Empathy is the most important parenting skill. Putting yourself in other person’s shoes

Gratitude wins – It can cure depression

Judging / being critical – as you become happier with yourself, you realize the lack of desire to criticize other people.

Affection – how important it is to provide your child affection as a father

No praise/no punishment – Discipline is different than I thought

Life is short – Nobody on their death bed ever said they should have spent more time at the office. I’m changing some thing in my own life to be able to dedicated more time to Dudes to Dads and Dad University.

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