Posted By On December 20, 2016

When you look back at the holidays, what do you remember most? Do you remember the gifts? Do you remember a location you were at or something you did? You remember the celebrations, the activities you did, the people you were around. You create memories. I think I might be able to remember a couple of gits out of all of the years of holidays. And my parents were really generous.

The holidays are typically the time of year when people do spend time together – even when they don’t want to. sometimes they feel like they have to. For many however, it is a wonderful feeling to spend time together. I know I love spending time with my family. I don’t say that because they are listening

While we all can feel the joy of giving and receiving gifts, typically that feeling is short term. When we create memories, they can last forever. We also can take pictures and video to help us remember.

As my wife and I began collecting the thousand of presents delivered from Amazon. Multiple new packages seems to be showing up each day, we recently had a discussion about creating the tradition where we will spend time together (go on a small vacation or getaway with the kids) as their present. While getting some small things may be ok, spending money on “THINGS” seems like such a waste. The kids play with toys for a small amount of time, grow out of their clothes in no time, and simply just have too much stuff. Of course every family is different, but for most

Her and I already agree that for our own birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays we prefer to “do stuff” rather than receive stuff. So we are going to begin introducing this concept …