Which Parenting Style is Best? | Dad University Video Ep. 167

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You want to stop toddler tantrums but it seems impossible. Your child’s temper gets out of control and you feel helpless. Well in this video, Jason reviews how to stop toddler temper tantrums. In it, he provides 6 secrets to calm your child’s temper.
Which parenting style is best? In this video, Jason goes over the origins of the 4 major parenting styles: authoritarian, permissive, uninvolved/neglectful, and authoritative. He discusses what each is about and the various impact they can have on children. Choosing your style of parenting is important as it can effect the child and help guide the decisions you make as a father. While many dads choose authoritarian, we discuss if there are other options to not only be strict, but doing it in a more positive way. While there are other factors that impact children and we will touch on those, each style is known to have a more likely outcome for the child. Are you deciding your parenting style based on what you prefer or of the likely outcome of the child?
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