Why Children Misbehave and How To Solve It

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In this video, we cover the major reasons why children misbehave. This will allow you to understand what is going on with them, and then how to solve it. The reality is that there is typically only a handful of reasons why children act up. Everything is sort of a derivative of these.

The most important thing to remember as the dad, is to not take it personally… Especially if you have young kids. They are not out to get you, they are simply learning how to manage is this big world. So the first reason kids misbehave…they are tired – Put them to sleep. It’s not them arguing, it’s a zombie.

Another reason they act up…..they want to assert their independence or control. Give them choices – would you like X or Y?

Another: They don’t understand the rules so be sure to explain the rules, post them if you need to.

They are bored – This one could be your fault if you are constantly making sure your children are entertained. Ask them questions – instead of always being their entertainment – What is something you enjoy?

The next reason….Your expectations are too high – is it normal child behavior? / lower or stop having expectations. If you are in a restaurant with a 2-3 year old, you can bet they are going to do something you don’t approve of.

They saw it somewhere else – friends or parents – Explain what you want to see not what you don’t want to see.

They don’t know how to control their emotions – Teach them to be able to calm themselves, teach them it’s ok to have emotions but need to handle it appropriately…watch our previous video on teaching emotional intelligence

Here’s a very common one: they are hungry – Make sure they eat, bring snacks, don’t go too long without food. Being hangry is common.

And finally: they just want attention – Don’t give them the attention if they are misbehaving to get it. Be sure to watch our other video on attention.

Like every child, they probably have been rewarded for bad behavior. In other words, they get yelled, reprimanded, etc. but that is still is getting your attention. It’s not good. Stop giving them attention for bad behavior.


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