Why Should I Care? How Caring Is Essential In Parenting Success – Dudes To Dads Ep 28

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Jason begin the episode talking about his camping weekend with his daughter.  They are part of the local YMCA Adventure Princesses which offers dads and daughters the ability to go camping together.  They teach the 6 aims:

  1. To be clean in body and pure in heart
  2. To be pals forever with my dad.
  3. To love the sacred circle of my family.
  4. To listen while others speak.
  5. To love my neighbor as myself.
  6. To seek and preserve the beauty of the Great Spirit’s work in forest, field and stream.

Topic for this podcast is Caring. The guys share that there is now an email signup form on the site which will send out updates and alerts when new things happen.   Jason offers the definition of Caring which is  1) Displaying kindness and concern for your child,  2) The work or practice of looking after those unable to care for themselves and finally 3) offering love and affection.  Caring is all about the heart and Jason indicated that the #1 thing he learned from parenting classes and reading about parenting is to parent from the heart instead of the head.  When parenting from the heart, it is easier on yuorself and the child. We are more calm, more present, and overall more effective in whatever we are trying to do.

Caring is also unconditional. We are not expecting anything back in return.  So how can we show our kids that we care? There are tons of ideas but Jason offers his 3 favorites:

  1. Ask them questions, show interest in what they are doing
  2. Watch over them and protect them – holding their hand, being present, teaching them right and wrong
  3. Provide a lot of affection – hugging, kissing, general touch.

The guys then close the show with a quote from Mac …


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