Working At Home Depression, Keeping Relationship Score, Puzzles, & Fort Building Kit – Dudes To Dads Ep 36

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We begin episode 36 by talking about working at home and how many people experience difficulties with it.  In the local meetup, multiple dads. shared that they work out of the house and were starting to feel a little crazy.  They feel socially inept as they don’t get out and find themselves getting depressed.  This is really similar to how moms feel when they stay home and are with the baby all day.  They lose a sense of reality.  We need human, adult interaction. Jason explains his experience working from home and how he didn’t like it.   Light Her Fire touches on the fact that we often have energy for other people but not our spouse.  Making them a priority is crucial.   Unfortunately we often keep score n a relationship.  Many of us do it.  Keeping score is very self-centered and will not get you anything you want.  You then begin to see everything in a negative lense.  When you do find yourself thinking “I am always the one who does X”, add to the statement, “but my wife always does Y”.   The suggestion for Stuff To Do is to do an old fashion puzzle.  Jason shares the story that as a kid, he used to build puzzles with his family and they would glue them together and put them on the wall.  For SuperCharge, the guys suggest Crazy Forts which is a glow in the dark fort building kit.  They then provide the suggestion for Dad’s Homework which, for the next week, be mindful of not keeping score in your relationship.  First, acknowledge that you are doing it.  If you say “I’m always the one who does X” add, but my partner always does Y”.  We are often so focused on ourselves and what we contribute, we forget that

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