10 Baby Essentials Dads Need for a Stress-Free Vacation

baby Dec 06, 2023
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Remember the days when packing for vacation could be done last minute? You just need to throw some clothes, sunblock, your wallet, phone, and maybe a good book into a bag. However, as a full-fledged dad with a tiny sidekick in tow, packing for a stress-free vacation becomes a whole new ballgame.

Now, aside from your must-bring items, you also need to pack baby supplies. Nothing throws a wrench in your vacation plans more than realizing you forgot something for your little one — and figuring out how or where you can get one!

Have no fear — Dad University is right here! We’ve got your back with our list of 10 essential dad vacation items, so your family vacation is as smooth sailing as can be!

Baby Carrier

Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are non-negotiable when you’re on vacation! It lets you have both arms free for vacation activities while ensuring your baby is safe and comfortable against your chest. This makes it easy to roam around while bonding with your baby.

When choosing a carrier, look for something comfortable for both you and your baby. Our top pick is the Omni Breeze, which features breathable mesh fabric — making it perfect for summer trips! 

Changing Bag

Stokke® Xplory® X Changing bag

Make sure you have a changing bag to keep all baby essentials at hand — from diapers to wipes — so you’re always ready for any baby surprises. Make sure to get one with enough room for all your supplies.

The Xplory® changing bag is one of our dad's favorites to carry on vacations. It’s stroller-ready and includes a changing mat. Best of all, it can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag for ease of traveling!

Baby Wipes

Travel Baby Wipes

If you want a quick, easy, and stress-free diaper-changing experience while on vacation, then you need to bring baby wipes. They handle messes in a jiffy, keeping your baby clean and comfortable during travel. Plus, they’re great for quick clean-ups after meals or playtime spills, too!

The Travel Baby Wipes is one of the dad's favorites when going on vacation. These wipes are plant-based and perfect for sensitive skin, and they come in resealable mini packs.

Baby Diapers

Diapers Pack

Baby diapers are a no-brainer to bring for any vacation with a baby. You don’t want to have a loud crying baby strapped to your chest because you ran out of nappies, and they’re feeling itchy or uncomfortable. A well-stocked diaper bag means you’re always ready for any diaper emergency.

If you need recommendations, check out these essential for baby on vacation diaper packs Like their baby wipes, these are plant-based, too. They’re also perfume- and phthalate-free!

Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottles

Keep your little one hydrated with their own bottle or sippy cup throughout the vacation. It’s convenient for feeding on the move and is indispensable for preventing potential meltdowns — especially when the heat becomes too much to handle.

We love the Comotomo Baby Bottles for their soft skin-like texture silicone and easy grip. What is the best about these bottles? It’s BPA-free, lead, PVC, anti-colic, and holds up to 8 ounces of liquid!


Stokke® Blanket Muslin Cotton

Bringing your baby’s trusty blanket will make sure they’re cozy during naptime. A blanket also offers a sense of familiarity to ease your baby. Plus, blankets can be used for swaddling, and burping, and as a handy changing pad or shade cover when needed. A baby soft and breathable cotton blanket like this will be perfect for long vacation trips.


Baby Boys Black & Taupe Stripes Wiggle-Proof™ Socks

Socks are an absolute must-have for any dad’s vacation packing checklist! They keep your baby’s feet warm, cozy, and protected, especially in colder climates or air-conditioned spaces. They’re super lightweight and easy to pack, so you don’t have to worry about space in your travel bag.

These Black & Taupe Stripes Wiggle-Proof™ socks are an essential vacation item for dads. Extra pairs are always welcome, but the wiggle-proof construction makes this a winner in our eyes.

Diaper Cream

Organic Diapering Balm - Travel Size

No one wants to be itchy and red on vacation — and that includes your baby! Diaper rash can quickly lead to crying babies or toddler tantrums. Luckily, diaper cream’s soothing properties can turn a cranky baby into a happy camper, making your vacation a more enjoyable experience.

One diaper balm we love recommending is the Organic Diapering Balm. It contains natural organic beeswax and can even work as a lip balm and your baby's skin will be soft and irritation-free.


Yes, you read that right — toys! Babies and toddlers don’t have the best attention span and will inevitably get bored during your trip. Having a toy will keep them entertained during long travel hours or while waiting for your lunch order.

This Dimple Clutch is a travel-friendly and fun toy that will keep your baby occupied while also training their fine motor skills!

Baby Clothes

Baby Boys Bear Sleep

Like diapers, baby clothes are another no-brainer. Always bring extra outfits, too, so you’re ready for inevitable baby messes. More importantly, make sure the clothes you bring match the season or weather!

Onesies — like the Baby Boys Bear Sleep — are a quick and easy way to make sure your baby is fashionable while still comfy, cozy, and well-protected from the sun or wind.

Vacationing With a Baby Made Easy

If you’re not prepared, going on vacation with your baby can quickly become more stressful than your regular days. The secret to a surefire relaxing vacation is simple: preparation. With our vacation list for dads, you can know exactly what to bring on vacation for the baby.

Can you still have fun if you’re changing diapers on vacation? Yes, of course! Make it a team effort, sing a silly song, or maybe find somewhere relaxing and new to change nappies. With these small tricks, diaper changes can be fun and stress-free, allowing you to get back to more fun activities with your baby.

Happy travels and enjoy your vacation, dads!

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