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Effective Discipline Strategies

Learn the different styles of discipline and how they effect children.  When your child misbehaves, what is the best way to handle it? This course helps you learn options.

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The Great Father Mindset

Discover the secrets to success as a father.  You already have the superpowers you need, you just need to understand how to unlock them.

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Getting Your Child to Listen

Learn easy to implement tips on how to better communicate with your child. You will also have a better understanding of how to get your child's attention without yelling!

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Creating a Bond with Your Child

We help you understand exactly what to do in order to establish and nurture a strong relationship with your child.  The foundation starts now and will last a lifetime.

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Dispelling Fatherhood Myths

We have all beliefs and stereotypes about fatherhood. Understand what some of these powerful myths are and how they impact how we are as a father.

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Leading by Example

If we want our child to be resilient, self-sufficient, and respectful to others, it's essential to look we look at our own behavior. The child sees, hears, and copies everything we do.

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Finding Work Life Harmony

We have so many roles: father, husband, friend, employee, son, etc.  How do we manage it all?  Jason will teach you how to find the harmony you are seeking.

Launching 8/15/2022

Avoiding Common Dad Mistakes

While we usually have good intentions, we often make mistakes with our kids without even knowing it. See how these mistakes can be avoided. 

Launching 9/15/2022

Your Relationship - Survive or Thrive

A great relationship where you both feel loved and happy is possible, even after kids. Understand what she needs and how to respond to her.  

Launching 10/15/2022