10 Biggest Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

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In case you didn’t notice, men often have big egos and as a result, they think their parenting is top notch. The reality is they are making a lot of mistakes. In this video, we take a look at the 10 biggest parenting mistakes dads make.

They say that we are supposed to learn from our mistakes. If that’s true, then us dads have been doing a lot of learning. Parenting isn’t easy. For most of us, it’s trial and error. The reality is that we all make mistakes. We have to first identify our mistakes if we are going to improve.

So I’m calling out all dads, including myself, to stop making these 10 parenting mistakes:

#1 Your not spending enough quality time with your child. Your on your phone, your mind is somewhere else, or you simply aren’t making the time. You need to make the time now. You are not going to get these years back.

#2 You are too Aggressive, too often – I’m not telling you to be soft, I’m telling you to stop yelling and especially stop spanking or hitting your child. You can argue that one until your blue in the face, there is never a situation that warrants hitting a child. As for yelling, if you learned some techniques on how to effectively communicate with your child, you wouldn’t have to yell.

#3 – You are trying to solve their problems instead of just listening. Lookup the word empathy. Like your wife, your child isn’t asking for a solution all the time, they just want you to hear them.

#4 – You are doing too much for them. Stop thinking that they aren’t capable. They can do a lot of things for themselves at a very young age. Let them dress themselves, clean up, and help around the house. That will boost their confidence and help their grow.

#5 – You are living your dreams through them. This might be music, sports, or even education. Encouragement is one thing. Pushing them is another. Let them be their own person and find out what they like.

#6 – You underestimate your child – You think they can’t do something and they end up surprising you. It’s not a good feeling to have your parents doubt you. Don’t do that to them.

#7 – Your expectations are too high – Your daughter doesn’t need to be the fastest runner on the field or the smartest kid in her class. Try to remove a lot of your expectations and instead enjoy reality.

#8 – You are allowing them to have poor nutrition. Reduce their sugar intake and the high amount of poor quality foods they eat. They will actually eat decent quality foods if you provide it to them. You may have to set the example yourself.

#9 – You are not providing them enough affection.  I know your dad may not have given you much affection, but it’s really important. Hug and kiss your child….a lot. Whether it’s a boy or girl doesn’t matter. They need affection and it will benefit both of you.

#10 – You are leaving the parenting up to mom. This is probably the biggest mistake out of all of them.  Stop thinking that parenting or even being involved with your kids, is for moms. Get involved, make time, and enjoy the journey. you only have 1 life and it goes pretty fast.


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