12 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Families With Toddlers

fun Sep 12, 2023
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What kid doesn’t love Halloween? After all, you get to wear awesome costumes, go out with your friends or siblings, and get a whole lot of candies and chocolates! 

Not a lot of kids expect their moms and dads to get into costume with them, but times are changing. Halloween can be as much of a family holiday as any other. All you need is an epic family costume idea and the willingness to get creative.

This type of costume is the type that gets you legendary status in the neighborhood — and on Instagram! However, let’s be real, between changing diapers and mastering the art of toddler negotiation, do you really have the time to plan? 

Don’t worry, fellow dads. Dad University’s got your back!

We’ve compiled a list of awesome Halloween costume ideas for families that will have your little ones squealing with delight.


1. Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! There’s no better time to call for Ghostbusters than on Halloween. Get spooky with the fam as you all dress up in a full set of Ghostbusters costumes — complete with the proton packs and ghost-catching equipment! The iconic look is easy to adapt to any age. For a nice twist, why not have your toddler don the iconic Ghostbuster uniform while parents take on the roles of the ghosts?


2. Shrek

Embrace your inner ogre with Shrek costumes for the whole family. The whimsical story features a long cast of fairy tale characters, so kids and parents alike have a lot of options available. Parents can take on the beloved Shrek and Fiona’s roles, while your toddler makes a super cute Donkey and Puss in Boots. 


3. Star Wars

Transport your family to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars costumes. It doesn’t matter what episode you choose — the sci-fi and action theme is bound to be a hit with both older and younger crowds alike. There are endless possibilities for Star Wars-inspired costumes. You don’t even have to all be from the same movie! How about a Chewbacca dad, an Empress Padme mom, a Sith Lord or Rey toddler, and a BB-8 or little Yoda baby? No matter what, the Force will definitely be with your family this Halloween!


4. Winnie the Pooh

If you’ve got younger kids, why not bring the beloved characters from the Hundred Acre Wood to life with Winnie the Pooh costumes? Choose from the lovable Pooh, nervous Piglet, excitable Tigger, gloomy Eeyore, or adventurous Christopher Robin. These costumes are perfect for both kids and adults, creating a cohesive and adorable family ensemble. Just remember to have a pot of sweet “hunny” ready for whoever goes as Pooh Bear!


5. Zombies

Zombies are a staple for spooktastic celebrations, and there are a whole lot of zombie looks to choose from! Whether you go for a truly creepy zombie costume inspired by The Walking Dead or go for a fun, cartoon one from Plants vs. Zombies, we guarantee you and your kids will have a whole lot of fun. 


6. Wizard of Oz

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to a magical Halloween! A Wizard of Oz costume set works wonderfully with big families. Dorothy’s classic white and blue dress is perfect for little girls looking for adventure. Meanwhile, the rest of the family can be one of her traveling companions — or maybe even the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys! This costume theme works even better if you have a pet dog since they can be Toto!


7. Transformers

Get ready to roll out with the whole family in Transformers costumes. If you guys love trucks, cars, action, and adventure, then a Transformers theme is perfect. Go the classic route by dressing up as Optimus Prime while your kid goes as Bumblebee, or switch up the roles instead. You can even take on the role of the big bad villain and dress up as Megatron and pose as if you’re getting beat up for some unforgettable Halloween night pics!


8. Disney

All kids have a favorite Disney movie, so why not embrace the magic with Disney character costumes? There’s no shortage of ready-made Disney costumes so that part will be a breeze. The biggest challenge you’ll face will be choosing just one movie to represent! Whether you choose to be Prince Charming, Sully, Captain Jack Sparrow, or Mickey Mouse, Disney costumes allow the whole family to be part of a magical Halloween experience.


9. Game of Thrones

For families who love fantasy and epic storytelling, Game of Thrones costumes are a perfect choice. It’s a huge enough part of pop culture that anyone can dress up as one of the iconic characters. Dress up as anyone from the Seven Kingdoms and create your own kid-friendly Westeros adventure. From Jon Snow to Daenerys Targaryen, these costumes will transport you to the world of dragons and intrigue.


10. Toy Story

Celebrate the magic of childhood with Toy Story costumes. These costumes are not just fun; they also allow your kids to feel like their favorite toys have come to life — something all kids dream about! Transform into Woody, Buzz, Jessie, or any of the beloved characters, and add some spice to the usual trick-or-treating by pretending to be on an adventure to get back to Andy’s room and toy box.


11. Karate Kid

Do you love martial arts movies? Why not show off your moves this Halloween with Karate Kid costumes? Dress up as karate masters while you let your kids showcase their ninja skills. You can be the wise Mr. Miyagi, while the children can be the Karate Kids themselves.


12. Addams Family

You won’t go wrong embracing the spooky and kooky with these Addams Family costumes. This costume theme is perfect if you want a cohesive, comical, yet darker twist to Halloween costumes. There’s already a role for everyone — Dad as Gomez, Mom as Morticia, and the children as Wednesday or Pugsley.


Celebrate the Spooky Season Together

Remember, the goal is to have fun as a family. Dressing up in family Halloween costumes alongside your toddler (or any kids) not only creates a fun and cohesive look but also makes your child feel included and part of something bigger. 

Whatever costume idea you choose, it’s all about sharing in their fun and letting your child’s imagination run wild. Indulge your inner child and show your kid how much more fun Halloween can be by playing with them.

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