5 Minute Dad Workout - No More Dad Bod with Brad Gouthro of Live Lean TV

exercise fun new dads Jul 03, 2018

In this video, I am joined by Brad Gouthro of Live Lean TV. Brad has created numerous successful workout programs and specifically a workout for busy dads called “Live Lean Dad” to get rid of the dad bod. I met up with Brad in downtown San Diego to go through one of his workouts. Brad put me through this quick dad workout and you will see it can get your heart pumping quickly. It’s intense and effective.

One time through the workout is about 5 minutes. If you decide to do the entire thing, it’s 2 sets so it’s still only about 10 total minutes of exercise. Who doesn’t have time for that?

Even if you are a busy parent, there really isn’t any excuses to not do this workout. Here are the exercises Brad puts me through:

Squat Jump & Reach – 10 reps
180 Squat Jump & Turn – 10 reps
Forward Cone Jumps – 50 reps
Lateral Cone Jumps – 10/side
Lateral Bench Step Over – 6/side
Squat Depth Jump – 10 reps

Rest in-between exercises just enough to catch your breath.

If you want to connect with Brad and Get His Live Lean Dad Program:

Live Lean TV on YouTube 
Brad’s Instagram
Brad’s Twitter

Thanks again to Brad for a great workout. It was a beautiful day in San Diego so working out at the park outside was a great change for me.

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