5 Things NOT To Buy or Spend Money on as a New Dad - Stop Wasting Money

baby Aug 06, 2021

Dads like us can stop worrying about our family finances by figuring out what not to buy for our babies. After all, money is one of the major stress factors for new fathers. Because we are providers by instinct, we naturally want the best for our children. However, we must make a distinction between two categories: “must buy for your baby” and “don’t buy for your baby.”

I am Jason Kreidman, the creator of the Dad University Parenting Program. Today, we at Dad University will be sharing with you what not to buy for your baby so that you can stop wasting money on extra expenses.

What Determines Your Quality as a Dad?

Before we talk about the things that you shouldn’t purchase as a new dad, you should remember this important principle: The quality of who you are as a dad is not based on the things you buy for your child. Instead, it is determined by the love you give to your baby and the support you provide as your son and daughter grow up. That is the essence of being a father.

To be clear, it is your responsibility as a parent to meet the basic needs of your child, such as food, clothing, and shelter. However, there are some superfluous expenses that you can cut down to improve your financial situation. Marketing campaigns by companies may try to convince you that these things are essential, yet they are not necessary to the happiness and well-being of your child.

What Are the 5 Things That Fall Under the “Don’t Buy for Your Baby” Category?

As we shared in our YouTube Video, we at Dad University believe that there’s no need for you to purchase these five items as a new dad.

1. Theme Parks and Expensive Events

While your baby or young kid might have the privilege of free entrance to theme parks and events, you need to pay for your ticket as an adult. If you bring the whole family along, you might end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to visit the theme park or join the event.

However, your son or daughter will probably not even remember your special family day because he or she is too young. It might be better to wait until your little one grows older before investing in theme park entrance fees or event tickets.

2. Costly Toys

Simple, homemade toys can entertain your child just as well as fancy, extravagant toys. To be matter-of-fact, your baby or young child has a very limited attention time span. Even if you buy or receive a pricey doll or action figure, there is a chance that the kid will either ignore the toy or play with it for a short period only.

Of course, the situation may change as your baby grows into a toddler, when he or she is likely to spend more time playing with the same doll or action figure. During the toddler stage, your kid will have the capacity to put the toys to good use. However, there’s no need for you to get a truckload of costly toys while your child is still a newborn or a growing baby who cannot properly appreciate them.

3. New Clothes

As a new or expecting father, likely, you can only envision your child wearing brand-new, spiffy clothes. Nevertheless, the practical side of reality will hit you once your baby is born. You will discover that any expensive clothes your son or daughter is wearing will get ruined once they spit, throw up, or fill up their diaper. On top of this, your kid will quickly outgrow clothes because he or she will shoot up quickly.

That’s why it’s a more pragmatic option to request hand-me-downs from family and friends, especially when your child is between the ages of 0 and 2. While it’s alright to get cute outfits for birthday or holiday photo sessions, second-hand clothes from your social circle are more than sufficient for everyday use.

4. Gadgets

There is a wide variety of gadgets for babies that we can choose from as new dads. These modern devices include sterilizers, bottle warmers, sound machines, wipe warmers, and baby cameras and monitors. While these gadgets can come in handy occasionally, the truth is that our kids can survive without them.

You can still consider getting these electronic devices if you’re a gadget geek who is fascinated with the latest technology. Nevertheless, you are not required to purchase all these gadgets because your child will be okay even without them.

5. Birthday Parties

It might be unpopular advice, yet we at Dad University believe that you do not need to splurge on grand birthday parties for your kid. This recommendation applies to you if your son or daughter is about to celebrate his or her first or second birthday, perhaps even the third or fourth birthday.

Of course, it’s perfectly fine to gather together for a simple meal with your closest family members. However, spending too many resources on smoke machines, pony rides, or fancy catering can be excessive. After all, your baby or young kid is too young to participate fully in the party. It’s a more practical choice for you to set aside the party budget and make a smart investment towards your child’s future instead.

Why Shouldn’t You Be Pressured as a Dad by Unnecessary Expenses?

We would like to emphasize this again: Who you are or what you are as a father is not measured by the things that you buy. Instead, it’s determined by the love and support you provide to your child.

There’s no need for you to be pressured to cave into marketing campaigns by companies or to keep up with your social circle. Don’t forget that being present is a priority over giving presents to your son or daughter.

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