7 Reasons Why Dads Are Important

parenting Aug 16, 2021
7 Reasons Why Dads Are Important

Fatherhood is an amazing blessing — one we wouldn’t trade for the world. However, it’s no walk in the park. Like everything else in life, it has its ups and downs, and some challenges can be heavier to bear than others.

We’ve talked about New Dad Syndrome before, about how dads can feel anxious, overwhelmed, and as if they’ve lost their sense of self. Unfortunately, those feelings aren’t always limited to just after your baby is born. There are plenty of moments when you might feel anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure as a dad.

It’s easy to feel these negative emotions and question your role as a dad. You may wonder what you bring to the table whenever your child runs to mom for advice, homework help, first-aid, and everything in between.

Well, let us reassure you; your presence in your child’s life is as crucial as oxygen in the air. If you need proof, Dad University has the receipts. Below are seven big and proven reasons why fathers are important and indispensable.

1. Every Child Needs a Dad’s Love

The biggest piece of irrefutable proof of the importance of dads is actually quite simple. In fact, it’s easy to overlook or forget. This reason why dads are important is that every child needs a dad’s love. 

Even a father’s silent yet loving presence can still positively influence a child’s life. It can serve as a grounding presence and a safety net for kids.

Unlike back in the day, where affection and nurturing were primarily the roles of mothers, dads today take on a more active, present, and affectionate role with their children. Experts have noted that this positive shift in fatherhood roles has helped children grow to be more well-adjusted.

2. A Dad’s Presence Directly Affects the Child’s Future

We’re not saying that children who grow up without their dad can’t or won’t become successful in the future. There are plenty of examples of people whose careers can easily refute this line of thought.

At the same time though, we can’t deny what studies and statistics say — and that is that fathers — particularly involved dads — have a direct impact on the future of their children. 

Numerous studies have shown that fathers who are involved in their kids’ lives can contribute to better academic performance. Children with involved fathers are much less likely to be expelled or suspended, and they also have better chances of getting into college and finding a successful, steady job after high school.

As their dad, you are one of the biggest positive influences in your child’s life. Your presence and involvement can change the course of their future.

3. Dads Increase Children’s Intelligence

Besides behavior in school, your presence in your kid’s life can actually improve their grades! Fathers are found to have a positive impact on their child’s cognitive development. Findings show that kids whose dads are actively involved in their life have 43% higher likelihood of getting A’s and 33% lower likelihood of repeating a grade.

There have also been studies that show a link between kids’ intelligence and fathers’ parenting styles. Being there for your kids — helping with homework, joking with them, and just spending time with them — can help your kid develop their critical thinking and other cognitive skills.

4. Dads Support the Child’s Emotional Development

It’s not just your children’s academic success that you have a positive influence on. Your presence in their lives help them have a healthier, more positive mental health as they grow older. As much as moms are known for being emotionally supportive, dads also play an essential role in their child’s emotional development. 

While kids look to their parents for protection, they more commonly associate safety and security with their dad. As their father, you are also one of the first people your kids look up to. You are their role model. 

As the person they turn to for praise or encouragement, you play a large role in helping your kid develop self-esteem and self-confidence, which contribute to better emotional and social skill development!

5. Dads Provide a Different Perspective

We all know the stereotype where moms are the loving, nurturing presence while dads are the protectors and disciplinarians. While this stereotype doesn’t always accurately reflect families today, it is a way to show how having a full set of parents can give your kids access to different perspectives.

Think about it; how many times have you or your partner told your kid to: “Ask Mom/Dad” about something? Access to two different views makes your child more open to different opinions and teaches them to listen and consider different sides of the story. This lesson ultimately makes them more understanding and empathetic individuals.

6. Dads Set a Good Example

As their parent, you are one of the very first role models of your child. You’re the steady presence in their lives — the one who they want to be when they grow up. 

Children love to imitate what they see. Setting a good example — such as being a gentleman, being patient, being resourceful — will make a huge impression on your young kids. They’ll copy it and often make it into a part of their personality, even until they become adults.

7. Dads Set the Bar for Good, Healthy Relationships

A father’s relationships with their child and their partner can significantly impact how the child views and navigates relationships in the future. It all ties with the previous reason; you set an example for your kids. 

By showing love, respect, and communication in a relationship, dads can set the bar for what a healthy relationship should be like. The saying “Women marry their fathers,” might be seen in a bad light by some, but for us, it simply shows how high of a bar you can set for your daughter when it comes to a partner.

This applies to professional and platonic relationships, too! It all boils down to how you treat and respect others. Your kids would see it as a standard, expect the same kind of treatment, and emulate it as well.

Dads: Important, Irreplaceable Figures in Children’s Lives

There you have it — seven solid, irrefutable, and science-backed reasons why fathers are important. You play an irreplaceable role as a father — no matter what your subconscious might try to trick you into believing. So, take heart, do your best, and stay engaged in your kid’s life!

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