8 Crucial Life Lessons Every Dad Must Teach His Son

parenting Jun 28, 2018
8 Crucial Life Lessons Every Dad Must Teach His Son

I believe it’s crucial that we men have meaningful discussions with our sons. It’s essential for their well-being, the health of our communities, and a benefit to society as a whole. I’ve created this video from the perspective that I’m talking directly to my son. I invite you to do the same or sit down and watch this video with him. I’m going to discuss 8 life lessons that I believe are really important for every boy to know.

#1 – Boys can have emotions – It’s ok to cry. It’s totally fine to be vulnerable. Don’t apologize for your feelings or emotions. You have every right to have them.

#2 – Treat people with respect – Treat others how you would like to be treated. As the golden rule says, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. You may not always agree with someone else, but you still shall give them respect.

#3 – Chivalry is Alive – Whether the person is a male or female, be a gentleman. Hold the door open for people. Say please and thank you. Be on time. Dress appropriately, etc.

#4 – Stand up for yourself – Don’t let other people push you around. You have the right to defend yourself and those you love. You also have the right to be heard and listened to.

#5 – Make your own decisions – They say that 2 boys together have half a brain and 3 boys together have no brain. Don’t be influenced by others. Peer pressure can be strong. Listen to your gut and make your own choice.

#6 – Choose Your Battles – Some things may be worth fighting for but others are not. There are times to walk away. When it comes to battling your family and friends, it’s usually not worth it.

#7 – Don’t criticize other people – It’s unattractive to make fun of other people. Don’t criticize other people’s shortcomings, appearances, or anything else about them. When you criticize someone, it typically means there is something going on within you.

#8 – It’s not just about you – This goes for a lot of things but primarily for relationships. Whether it’s with family, friends, or romantic relationships, the other person may want or require different things than you do. Learn what the other person likes and wants. It’s not just about you.

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