Attention Moms - How To Get Your Husband To Help With the Baby

videos Oct 12, 2017

In this video, we’re teaching moms how they can get dad more involved with the baby to make their lives a little easier. I often get questions from women and the most common one is “How can I get my husband more involved and helping with the baby?

So here are 7 ways women can get their men more involved with the baby:

#1 Give him attention – When the child comes along, men often feel (and are) third in line for attention or maybe even 4th in line behind the family dog. Just try to remember he is there. Plan a date night if you can. Getting some attention will go a long way in getting him more involved.

#2 Show Appreciation – Provide him positive re-inforcement when he does something to help you or the baby. Replace your criticism with praise. Maybe say something like “Hey, I really appreciated you doing bath time and getting the baby ready for bed.”

#3 Understand there is more than just “your way” to do things – When he tries to help, be ok with his method, style, or way of doing things. Words like “did you really dress the baby in that?” or “why did you use the wrong shampoo?” should not come out of your mouth.

#4: Do family activities – Go to the park, go for walks, do something together. He gets to participate and feel like it’s one unit, not just you and the baby against him.

#5: Have a meeting to divide the labor – Assign and rotate tasks like bathing and feeding which allow him to bond with the baby. Write out the chores and work each other are going to take on. Maybe you are in charge of dinner on certain days of the week, while he takes the others. Division of labor and documenting it can be helpful for everyone to know what is going on and to get him more involved.

#6: Ask for help – This is basic but yet often difficult for many women to do. Ask for exactly what you want him to do. Men typically appreciate instructions and knowing expectations. Give him the chance to help by asking him. Don’t expect he is going to know what you need.

#7: Leave him alone with the child: Take some time away for yourself. while letting him develop a bond with the baby. He may also get some appreciation for what you do if you are the primary caregiver.

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