Child Nutrition Tips - Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Foods

parenting Feb 01, 2018

I wish I didn’t have to talk about this, but we are feeding our kids junk. You know it, I know it, and it’s effecting our children. If we want them to grow up healthy and be able to make good choices, we have to start them off young and on the right path. For this video, we are going over 5 items to get your child healthy and growing

While many of us think we are feeding our kids decent foods, the reality is that many are not….and we are not setting a great example. Let’s go over 5 things you can give your child to help them grow and be healthy:

#1 – Water – You are probably saying “hello captain obvious”. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but in America, we have a huge epidemic called “juice”. Parents are giving their kids “juice” when they are so young. I don’t care if it’s apple, orange, grape, or whatever. It is full of sugar and children don’t need it. Give them water.

“But Timmy loves juice”. Yeah, no kidding. It tastes really good because there is a ton of sugar in it. Give them water.

#2 – Protein – Protein build cells. It helps muscle growth, their immune system, repair tissue, and more. Some protein you can make sure your kids are eating are: eggs, cheese, peanut butter, meat, fish, chicken, etc. Try to have at least a little protein with most meals.

#3 – MultiVitamin – The video is sponsored by SmartyPants Vitamins. The company has products for everyone in the family but for this video, I wanted to tell you about Kids Complete. My kids loved these vitamins before SmartyPants was a sponsor. They taste awesome, don’t have any added junk in them, and contain a lot of good stuff: Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin D as D3 for immune health. They have Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin (methal-co-ball-a-meen) for mental focus and energy balance. Also Folate as methylfolate to support proper DNA replication. They are Non-GMO & Gluten-Free. You can buy them from Target, WholeFoods, Walgreens or on Amazon. A multivitamin is a really easy way to make sure your kids are getting the nutrients they need. SmartyPants is an awesome choice. They have a great story behind the company, do a lot of charity work, and bottom line, they have quality products.

#4 – Fruit – Fruit is a great source of fiber, healthy energy and a good substitute for bad sugars. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that support child development. Most kids like fruit because it does taste great. One tip I have is to make fruit your child’s dessert. Instead of ice cream, cookies, or other bad sugars, offer fruit as the after meal delight. As we get older, eating fruit is often a good way to curb sugar cravings.

#5 – Good old Vegetables – We all know vegetables are good for you. Like fruits, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. But how do you get your child to eat them when they cringe at the site of anything green. One technique is to simply hide them. There are tons of recipes online where you can hide vegetables in everything from pancakes, to burgers, to pasta, there are a lot of ways. Of course you just have to make the effort to make the food instead of going out to eat all of the time.

We all want our kids to strive and grow. It’s essential that we make our child’s health a priority.

Watch the video "Child Nutrition Tips - Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy Foods" below:

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