Create Memories With Your Child - Stop Buying Your Kids Gifts

videos Mar 08, 2018

Your children aren’t going to remember the things you bought them. They will remember the time you spent with them. In this video, we discuss the importance of creating memories and offer some suggestions on how you can do it. Time is the most important thing we have. With children, the quality of the time is more important in creating memories than the quantity of time. If you think back to your childhood, what are some of the positive memories you have with your dad? Was it the time your dad took you to your first professional baseball game? Was it the first time your dad let you drive his car while sitting on his lap? or was it simply the time your dad let you have ice cream for dinner? You have an opportunity to create lasting memories with your child. Instead of buying things for them, create experiences that will last as memories

Here are 7 ways to create memories with your child:

#1 – Go on a one on one vacation. Leave the spouse and other siblings and go with your child for an overnight or weekend trip. This could be a camping trip, staying in a hotel, going to an amusement park, anything. The one on one time is so valuable. Especially if you have multiple children.

#2 – Schedule a regular date with your child.  For example, every Sunday morning maybe you and your daughter go for a walk. Or every Wednesday night, you play a game with your son. The idea is to do something routinely with your child that they and you can look forward to.

#3 – Make celebrations significant. This means decorate, celebrate with family, make them a big deal. This can be birthdays, holidays, or any other celebration you have with your family. Focus on the celebration of being together instead of gifts.

#4 – Share a hobby together.  When I was young, I collected baseball cards. My dad and I used to go to baseball card conventions together. We got to share those experiences together, talking about the different cards we saw. Not to mention the long drives together was great bonding time.

#5 – Root for your favorite team.  Watch or even attend your favorite sporting event and include your child. I don’t think most dads have difficulty with this one. Get your son or daughter a jersey and bring them along to the tailgate party.

#6 – Give them something of yours.  A small keepsake can have a lot of meaning. You’ll probably want to wait until your child is old enough to not lose what you give them, but consider giving them something with meaning behind it. For example, you might have a book, a coin, or pen that has some story behind it. Share the story with them and let them know you want them to have it. It will mean a lot to them.

#7 – Take a lot of pictures or videos. Record things that you may regularly do: reading time at night, helping with homework, etc. They will be able to look back at the photos and videos with fond memories. Well, that’s all we have for today. Remember your children will have memories of the time you spent with them not the things you bought for them.


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