Dad To Be Tips Nobody Tells You

baby Mar 07, 2019
Dad To Be Tips Nobody Tells You

I’m giving you a formula for how to be a great dad.  No seriously, I created a formula.  It’s called The Fatherhood Formula! I’m going to go over exactly what you need to do in order to be a great dad. You won’t have any questions anymore.  This is the secret!

I did a 7 video series going into detail about each part of the Fatherhood Formula.  Here is a link to the playlist so you can watch all of those videos.

For today, I’m going to summarize and give you the best parts of the Fatherhood Formula so you can learn how to be a great dad.  Here we go:

#1 – Commitment – The first step is committing to being a great dad.  You are here watching this video because you want to learn how to be a great dad.  So you are on the right track.  My hope is that you have already committed yourself to this goal.  While some people do fear commitment of any kind, a lot of people set out to be committed but then stuff gets in the way or we get distracted.  Being a great dad just then doesn’t get the priority or it just takes too much effort….and keep in mind, this is a lifetime commitment. So are you ready to commit?

#2 – Contact – This means you have to hug and kiss your child….a lot.  Hold their hand, put your arm around them if you want to be a great dad. Children require love and affection.  It effects the brain, can improve behavior, increase their self-esteem….there are all kinds of benefits from contact…and big negatives when there isn’t contact. I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable for you, or nobody provided you affection.  You must provide this love to your child.  Both boys and girls need affection from their dad.

#3 – Connection – In our detailed video, I provide numerous examples on how to connect with your kids.  While contact or affection is one way,  spending quality time with them is a great way to connect. You can read to them, have a meal together, play with them, and most importantly…be empathetic. Being empathetic creates connection. Remember, empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s place to understand where they are coming from.  You want to know how to be a great dad, be empathetic toward your child.

#4 – Communication – Pay attention, only 7% of communication is verbal or what you say.  Your tone of voice is 38%. That leaves 55% of which is non-verbal. This means your body language, eye contact, and facial expressions…are all really important in communicating with your child or anyone. Another really important thing in how to be be a great dad is listening.“Communicating with your kids isn’t a lecture, it’s a two way discussion.” 

#5 – Character –  Monkey see, monkey do.  If you want to raise a child with good character, you better lead by example. They are watching every move you make and listening to every conversation you have. A child mimics what they see and what they hear. It’s important to be mindful that while you certainly are living your own life, your life helps shape the life of your child.

#6 – Coaching – My parenting style began to shift (and improve) when I began to think of myself as a coach to my children rather than a parent. A coach is someone who teaches skills and encourages people.  We are here to help our children learn life skills, help them understand that mistakes are ok, and to learn right from wrong. When you take a coaching approach as a parent, you don’t get as upset at things.  Your frustration level isn’t as high, and you won’t take things so personally.

#7 – Consistency – Probably the hardest part of the Fatherhood Formula is being consistent.  It’s not easy. Consistency requires you to do the same things over and over and over again. Day in and day out you live your life as a father.  It doesn’t stop.  Sure things may change and involve but it doesn’t stop. Be consistent in everything you do: from loving your child, to connecting, to leading by example.  You have to be consistent.

When you are a dad to be, you are often concerned with things like how to change a diaper or how to hold a baby. Don't worry about that stuff. You'll do it a few times and can consider yourself an expert. What about the dad to be advice that nobody tells you? These dad secrets and tips that experienced fathers know and don't often share.

Watch the "Dad To Be Tips Nobody Tells You" video here:

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