First Time Dad Advice - Tips For New Dads Before The Baby Is Born

videos Jan 18, 2018

Your are freaking out! You recently found out your going to be a father and you thought you would watch a few videos to check into this little thing called fatherhood.

I got you.

In this video, we are going over some tips for first time dads. We are focusing on advice before the baby is born. You know, until I had my first child, I had maybe only held a baby twice. One time each when each of my older sisters had their first kids. I knew nothing. I was scared. I did not not know hot to relate to kids let alone how to take care of a baby.

However what was even more foreign to me was pregnancy. I had no idea what my wife was going to experience and what I was going to be experiencing along side her.

We are going to go over some advice for first time dads and how you can survive pregnancy:

#1 – Focus on the pregnancy and not the baby – the baby isn’t here yet, so worry about what is going on now with your wife (or girlfriend). You have 9 months to deal before the baby arrives. Don’t jump ahead worrying about the baby yet. Maybe wait until month 7. Be present for now.

#2 – Feel & Practice Gratitude – The fact that you are able to have a baby is incredible. So many people don’t have that opportunity. So understand you are lucky. Also, realize your not the one who is physically going through it. Yes you have to deal with many things, but there is a reason women are the ones have the babies and not men. I’m not sure in general we would be up for the task. I’m just sayin’.

#3 – Don’t question her cravings or habits. She may want to eat pickles every meal or can’t stand the smell of vanilla. Yes it can be that random. Get her what she needs – She’s carrying your baby, remember?

#4 – Be prepared for moodswings – She may cry at the site of mail being delivered, or yell at you because the chicken dinner wasn’t prepared exactly as she desired. Hormones can cause crazy things to happen. Don’t take it personally. Just know weird things are probably going to happen and let it go. You won’t win.

#5 – Be patient– Way easier said than done, I know. You may find yourself feeling anxious for the baby to arrive. I get it. I’m impatient. For me the last 2 months of pregnancy were hard waiting for the baby. I wanted the baby out now!! But sorry, unfortunately you can’t control that. Just remember to be patient and focus on the current moment.

#6 – Know that you can do this – Millions of people have had babies before you and many were probably much less equipped to do so than you. Everything is going to be ok. You are watching videos like this one which shows you are interested in learning and you are making effort. Keep that effort up. It’s important we continue to learn through the entire parenting journey.

Dad University will be here every step of the way.


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