First Time Dad Tips to Avoid Sympathy Weight Gain

parenting Jul 11, 2019

You are a first-time dad and boy are you excited. You are right there with your wife.  You're being as supportive as you can, you are going to Doctor’s appointments, you’re helping out extra around the house, and you are gaining weight just like she is. The difference is that she has a baby growing inside of her.  You don’t.  In this video, we are covering a few first-time dad tips to avoid that dad’s bod and not gain sympathy weight.

There is a term called Couvade syndrome which refers to expecting fathers experiencing both psychological and physical changes throughout pregnancy. It’s a real thing.  I’m not trying to scare you it doesn’t mean you are going to get it…  Not everyone experiences this.  But some men can experience changes in hormones, or they experience some pains and even some depression.  Sometimes it can also be referred to as pregnant dad. For this video, we are going to focus on weight gain and your health.  Here are some first-time dad tips to avoid sympathy weight gain:

First, Get plenty of sleep – The body needs rest.  People will say “well you better sleep now because you won’t once the baby arrives. Sometimes that is true but sleep is simply important before or after a baby is born. Just get plenty of sleep.  Instead of watching TV at night, go to sleep. It will also help you eat less if you are a late-night eater.

Next, Avoid Sugar – Honestly sugar is evil.  If messes with your brain, your energy level, and are addictive.  I know foods with sugar taste good but you can find alternatives. Reduce or remove your sugar intake and you will see positive effects on your body.  You will start looking better and feeling better.

Another first-time dad tip:  Get moving – If your wife is willing and able to walk while she is pregnant, walking together can be great.  You get outside and it can be a great time to talk.  If you like playing sports, join a team and do that. You don’t have to run marathons or do intense cardio workouts (although that’s fine), but just movement, in general, is a great way to burn calories and avoid dad’s bod.

Next, Lift weights – Personally, this is my favorite.  Lifting weights can help you reduce anxiety and stress, and boost hormones which can improve your mood. …and you feel strong. For me, my favorite time of the day is after a weight workout.  It’s a great feeling. I know not everyone loves to go to a gym, but there are plenty of home workouts you can do to increase your strength.

Another tip… Drink water If you are drinking soda, try water instead.  If you feel you need t to have carbonation, then drink of the non-sugar sodas that are now really popular.  Also, try to reduce your alcohol intake as most alcoholic drinks have a lot of extra calories.  Setting these healthy habits now before the baby is born will help you stick with it after the baby is born.  Staying healthy for your child is going to be important for them and for you.

Watch the video "First Time Dad Tips to Avoid Sympathy Weight Gain" below:

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