First Time Father Tips - 6 Important Life Lessons I Learned as a New Dad

videos Apr 12, 2018

“Jason, you’ve got to baby proof the house”. “Your child will be so much smarter if they listen to mozart”. “Hey, you better get plenty of sleep now because you are not going to get any once the baby comes”. “Jason, dude, just let your wife do it!”

Yeah, everyone seems to have advice for you when you are a new dad. The problem is that most of that advice doesn’t really help you deal with the serious stuff you face as a new dad. So in this video, I am going over 6 very valuable lessons that I learned as a new dad. I’m hoping these help you along your journey.

#1. It’s not all about me – So reality kicks in and you are forced to realize that another human being is dependent on you and if you are in relationship, that dependency gets compounded. The decisions and choices you make, now effect other people. I learned it can actually be enjoyable to focus on helping other people.

#2. Enjoy the present – I remember thinking: I can’t wait until she can talk or it will be so much fun when he and I can play catch. Sure it’s ok to think about the future, but try to live in the moment as it relates to your child. You don’t realize how fast it goes by until you live through it and have the chance to look back. Don’t miss the opportunities to be present.

#3. Focus on the positive – You are going to be faced with some seriously rough times. These may be difficult times with the child, your spouse, or even within yourself. Think about the things your child is doing well. Think about the elements of your relationship that work. and think about the elements within yourself that are positive. Here’s a hint: express gratitude whenever you can.

#4. Nothing is forever – As I just mentioned, you are going to be faced with difficult times. The good news: they don’t last forever. This too shall pass. Remembering this can help get you through difficult times. It can also help you be more present, as the positive things don’t last forever either.

#5. They watch every thing you do – If you want them to be nice, YOU better be nice. From the great things you do, all the way down to the bad habits you have, the little one is watching. If you need a reason to keep yourself in check, having a child can do it. Monkey see, monkey do.

#6. Empathy solves many problems – If you have watched some of my other videos, you’ve probably heard me talk about empathy before. Learn to put yourself in their shoes. Truly look at the world from a 3 year old’s perspective. Heck, you may even open up to look at things from your wife’s perspective. Having empathy is life changing….both for you and those around you.


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