Get Healthy For Your Kids - 9 Fitness & Nutrition Tips For Fathers

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Remember when you were in high school and you could actually run a lap around the track? Or after college you consumed so many beers in a night you lost count? Or what about the late night runs to your favorite fast food joint. I’m guessing your body doesn’t look or feel the same as it did back then. We get married, have kids, and begin to come up with a ton of excuses why we are not in shape or eating well. Well, we are done with the excuses. In this video, we go over 9 fitness & nutrition tips so you can be healthy… even when you have kids.

I know there are a ton of people online that discuss fitness & nutrition. Some are good and some are not. But this is from a Dad’s point of view. You need to figure out what works for you. I have been participating in sports and exercise nearly my entire life. During that time I have also been conscious of my food choices. I’m going to share with you what has worked for me. There are really two main elements to your physical health. Your diet (what you put in your body) and exercise (the movement of your body). You have to focus on both of these. However realize that your diet is about 80% of how you look (and feel). Let’s get to the tips and see if we can make an impact in your life.

#1 – Make the commitment – This commitment is both to yourself and your family. If it helps you with the motivation, make the commitment that you want to teach your child how to be healthy. They will then have you to learn from.

#2 Set a personal goal – and write it down. It’s been proven that when we write down our goals we are up to 10 X more likely to accomplish them. You also need to be specific about your goals: for example: I will go to the gym 3 x per week for 1 hour each time. Or I will weigh 190lbs by July 1st. You have made the commitment and set your goal, now you must do it.

#3 Make the time – You’ll probably need to adjust your schedule. Get up a little earlier, watch less television. Heck if you can’t give up the TV get a stationary bike or treadmill and use it while you watch TV. There really are no good excuses to not exercise.

#4 Be consistent – This is probably the most difficult thing for most people. They start off good but then something gets in the way or some excuse comes up.. Create a schedule and stick to it. Every week. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and being consistent is the most important element of staying healthy.

#5 Find exercises you enjoy – I recognize not everyone wants to lift weights. Maybe you like being outdoors and going hiking, biking, or simply going for a walk. Maybe you enjoy organized sports, dancing, or yoga. The key is movement and movement for an extended period of time. Burning calories is the key. You need to break a sweat.

#6 Reduce or eliminate sugar – Even if you are avoiding chocolate, ice cream, and candy, you may not even realize how much sugar is in some of the foods you eat. That “healthy” protein bar, yogurts, salad dressings, sauces…many of those things high levels of sugar. You’ll want to read the labels to know what is going into your body.

#7 Drink water – Soft drinks, juices, sports drinks…they all have a ton of sugar and are doing you no good. I have known people that have over lost 20 lbs in a very short time just from cutting out soft drinks. There are now some great alternatives that can provide you the taste you crave without all of the sugar or chemicals.

#8 Reduce/eliminate alcohol consumption – You would probably be surprised how many calories you are consuming if you drink regularly. Those beers add up. Also, when we drink alcohol, it actually tricks our mind into thinking our stomach is not full, so we really do eat more. And finally

#9 Get more sleep – Our body is regenerating while we sleep. If you are opting to watch TV, browse the web, or some other activity that is not adding much value to your life, I suggest you choose sleep instead. Why not get healthier by simply lying down sleeping.


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