How to Be More Affectionate with Your Child - Why Dad's Hugs Are Crucial

videos May 24, 2018

As much as the world is overwhelmingly good, there are a few bad people that have caused some bad things to happen. I’m convinced that if some of the those bad people were hugged, kissed, and shown affection as a child, so many of them would have gone down a different path. In this video, we are learning about affection towards our kids and how powerful it can be.

Why is affection from dad so important? Also, what can you do to be more affectionate with your child? First, contact is essential for human survival. It’s been proven that a lack of touch in babies can stunt their growth, cause weight loss, and in even some extreme cases, causes death. Children require affection. It promotes healthy brain development, makes them feel secure, and can help you and them feel connected to each other. If you have a daughter, an affectionate dad makes them more likely to choose men who are more kind, loving, and gentle towards them. If you have a son, modeling affection makes them more likely to be loving and kind towards others.

As I said in the intro, there’s a lot of bad things happening in this world by people who most likely did not receive very much affection. So by giving your children affection you are essentially helping to solve the world’s problems.

Here are some ways you can show some affection to your newborn or baby:

#1 – Skin to skin contact – Lay the baby on your chest (just maybe don’t do it right after they eat)

#2 – Give your baby a massage – Their skin is so darn soft. Who doesn’t like a good massage?

#3 – Just hold them and give them hugs & kisses.

It seems that a lot of men are affectionate towards their babies. But as the child grows, there is often a reduction in affection. Be aware of this and don’t let that happen. So for your child as they grow, here are a few ways to provide more affection:

#1 – Allow them to see mom and dad give each other affection. Of course make it appropriate in their presence but nice hugs and kisses are totally fine. They may think it’s gross, but do it anyway.

#2 – Give them a head or back massage before going to sleep. My kids love when I run my fingers over forehead and face. They fall asleep fast!

#3 – Hold hands with them whenever you can. As they get a little older, they may want the independence so you will need to be ready for that.

#4 – The Departure – When you leave the house, that is an opportunity for a big hug and kiss when you say goodbye.

#5 – The Return – When you return to the house or come home from work, give them a huge hug and kiss

#6 – Say “I love you” to your child often. They can’t hear it enough.

As I said in the beginning of the video, children require affection. As a father, your affection is so important. Whether you are an affectionate person or not, learn to be with your child because it is crucial in their life. It will also enhance yours!

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