How to Change a Diaper - Expert Tips on Changing a Baby

baby Aug 08, 2019
How to Change a Diaper

Before we had our first child, an older guy that knew we were about to have a baby boy came up to me and said “I had 4 kids and I never changed a single diaper”.  and he was actually proud of this somehow.  Maybe he was old school and who knows what his relationship is like with his kids now, but knowing how to change a diaper is part of parenting and a good thing.  It’s an opportunity to bond with your baby.  In this video, I’m going to walk you through each step on how to change a diaper.  You will be a baby changing expert after this video.

For the purpose of this video, I’m going to be changing the baby’s diaper on the floor.  You may have a changing station in your house.  But you will end up changing the baby in all kinds of scenarios.

Step 1: Have everything near you:
Check your surroundings. You do not want to take the diaper off and realize you left the wipes in the other room.  When you are first learning how to change a diaper this can be an easy mistake to make.  Have everything ready to go and set up where you need it.

Step 2: Put baby on a comfortable flat surface.  We had a changing pad in the child’s room so that can work really well.  An expert tip is if you can angle the surface or changing pad with the head a little higher than the feet, this can be a little more comfortable for the baby.

Step 3: Always have one hand on the baby  If you are reaching for something, you want to make sure they are not going anywhere.  This usually moves and can roll as they get a little older but it’s good practice when you are learning how to change a diaper.

Step 4: Put a clean diaper under the current one.  Hold the baby’s feet and pull up a bit so you can slide the clean diaper under the current one.  Sure there can be risks of getting the clean diaper dirty but it’s easier to throw that away that to have to wash your changing pad, blanket or carpet.  Putting this clean diaper under is simply more efficient and easier.

Step 5: Open the dirty diaper.  Pull on the tabs and open the diaper. There is something about the diaper being off that babies do have a tendency to go to the bathroom.  They are not out to get you even though it can sometimes feel like that.  If your baby starts to urinate or poop just cover them with the diaper and let them go.

Step 6: Wipe the baby clean.  You are holding the baby’s feet back.  Remember if it is a girl, always wipe front to back to avoid infection. Keep in mind they may try to reach down. It doesn’t really happen with newborns but just be aware.

Step 7: Remove dirty diaper and wipes: If your baby squirms, then just move it to the side where they can’t reach it.  If not, wrap the dirty diaper up and secure it with the tabs and then put it aside.

Step 8: Apply diaper cream:  We did not wait until our baby’s had a rash.  We applied it nearly every time we changed a diaper unless it was only a pee diaper and the paste was still on.  We used a product called butt paste (put on screen)  It was great.   Our children never had diaper rashes.  Pro-tip, if you don’t want to apply the paste directly using your finder, wrap your finger with a wipe, then apply the cream.

Step 9:  Secure clean diaper:  Remember your clean diaper was already in place so bring the bottom up and secure the tabs on both sides.  As a newborn, they may still have umbilical cord stump so fold the diaper down a little do it doesn’t rub on that and irritate them.Step 10:  Throw away dirty diaper:  Dispose of the dirty diaper in the trash.  We had multiple diaper genies which are great.  (diaper genie on screen)It’s a device that holds many dirty diapers and easily disposes of them into a bag.  It also keeps the smell pretty well contained.  It’s an investment especially with the refill bags but we felt it was worth it.

Step 11: Wash your hands: You’ll probably want to wipe your baby’s too just for habit but it’s a good idea when you are learning how to change a diaper.

Bonus tip: kiss your baby.  Make diaper changing a fun bonding experience for you and your baby.  I’d love to hear from you.  Did you just have your baby or about to have a baby?  Leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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