Improve Your Life With Self-Acceptance vs Self-Esteem

videos May 03, 2018

“Why can’t I be more like him.”

“I can’t believe how stupid I am sometimes”

“I will never be good enough for her”

“I don’t deserve to be happy”

If you ever said or felt any of these things to yourself, you might want to pay attention. In this video we are learning about self-acceptance. Exactly what is it, how is it different from self-esteem, and how to we get more of it in our life.

Most people are familiar with the term self esteem. Self esteem is having confidence in yourself, considering ourselves valuable, or feeling good about oneself. What happens if you don’t possess that confidence or feel good about yourself?

Well, then you are said to have low self-esteem which is considered a bad thing. People spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to improve their self esteem. What if we ignore self esteem and instead focus on self-acceptance? Self-acceptance allows you to be aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses. And they are both ok. Self acceptance allows you to not have to wish that you are different than you actually are.

Imagine if we can pass this concept on to our kids. They could accept themselves for who they are now. Not what they think they should be. They could accept their imperfections and their mistakes. So how do we get more self-acceptance into our lives? I’ve got a couple of suggestions that have helped me:

#1 – Practice gratitude – When you are grateful for what you have, it forces you to focus on the positive things in your life. The more you practice, the more you will ignore the negative things in your life.

#2 – Celebrate your strengths – Think about the things you are good at and focus on them. Do them more. Spend less time on the things you are not good at.

#3 – Help others – When we help others, there is actually chemical reactions in the body that makes us feel good. This has an effect on us both physically and emotionally. It also works the other way around. When we are self-accepting, it can actually help make other people happy.

#4 – Don’t Take Things Personally – Realize that it’s not all about you. When judges you, they are the one with the issue. When someone is mean to you, they are the one with the anger problem. It’s not your issue. Don’t take it personally.

#5 – Lower Your Expectations – It’s ok to have goals but when your expectations are too high, you will never meet them and never accept yourself. If you require yourself to meet your own expectations in order to be happy, it’s a losing proposition. Either reduce or try to eliminate your expectations.

#6 – Surround yourself with positive people – Take inventory of those closest to you. Are there people within your life that are not positive? or Maybe not supportive of you? As hard as it might be, get them out. Now if that’s not possible, consider spending less time with them.

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