Marriage Survival Guide After Having a Baby - Relationship Advice For New Dads

videos Nov 09, 2017

Being a new dad isn't easy. That little bundle of joy can sometimes bring new dynamics to the relationship. You know, things like sleep deprivation, lack of desire, time obligations. In this video, we cover relationship advice to help you survive marriage after the baby comes along.

. Study this video, replay it, send it to your friends who are having a baby or just did. Pass this video down from generation to generation. Ok, that's enough. You understand what I'm saying. This is important stuff.

. Tip # 1 - Listen to her instead of trying to solve her problem. We men have a tendency to try and solve problems instead of just listening. She doesn't want your solution, she just wants you to listen.

. Tip #2 - Don't complain - She is the one who carried the baby and went through childbirth. While we maybe had to deal with her mood swings and other fun stuff, it ain't nothing compared to what she went through. Suck it up and stop complaining....about anything. You can think it, just don't verbalize it.

. Tip #3 - Offer help unsolicited - Don't ask if she needs help, instead make a statement to help. For example, maybe she normally picks up the kids from somewhere, you could say "I'll go pickup the kids tonight." Or maybe she typically makes could offer "I'll handle dinner tomorrow". Do tasks and offer help in areas that you usually don't handle.

. Tip #4 - Plan time together away from the child - If you can do a weekend, awesome. If not, do an overnight. If you can't manage that, go out to dinner for a few hours. Get away with just the two of you and no child.

. Tip #5 - Give her compliments - Compliment her on something non-phyical or non-sexual, and expect nothing in return. Compliment her on what a great mother she is or something she may have done that you appreciate.

. Tip #6 - If something is bothering you in the relationship, look at what you could do differently in order to get a different response. It's really hard to accept the fact that sometimes it's not the other person. Maybe you have to look at your own behavior see how things could change.

. Tip #7 - Reduce or Eliminate Expectations - This one could be tough for many men. Are you placing too high of expectations on your spouse? Reduce your expectations and see how that effects how she responds to you.

. Tip #8 - Say "I love you" more. Send her a text during the day or even write her a note. Please guys, don't make it sexual, just be loving and nice.

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