New Dad Fears - Fatherhood is Scary - Top Fears of New Fathers

videos Oct 26, 2017

In this video, we go over the top fears of becoming a dad. Hopefully reviewing these fears will help you realize you’re not alone. Dealing with the transition from single guy to dad isn’t easy. The process is scary, unknown, and brings up issues that you have never had to deal with before.

“Soon to be dads” need to realize that they are not alone. Having these fears is very common. Let’s review the top fears of becoming a dad:

#1 – Will I be able to provide financially for my child? Can I afford this baby? How much is it going to cost? Having a child is an added expense but you will make it.

#2 – Will I ever get to sleep again? Eventually you will but the beginning is pretty brutal. It’s best if you can schedule time so you and your wife can trade off night time duties so you both get opportunities to rest.

#3 – Labor – The process of delivery itself. Many guys don’t want to see what is going on. They just want the end result. Be aware you can still choose to be in the room and not have to see EVERYTHING. But it’s your kid, you might change your mind as it gets closer.

#4 – Fear of health issues for the baby – This fear happens during pregnancy, delivery, and after the child is born. We always want to protect our child and the idea of not having control over a health issue is scary. The chances of good health are on your side. Think positive.

#5 – Fear of having sex? Will sex hurt the child during pregnancy? Will sex potentially hurt my wife after pregnancy? She’ll be in control of that one for her. But as for the child, according to doctors, there is not a lot of risk during pregnancy.

#6 – Will having the baby kill our intimacy? Probably yes, and for a while, but there are things you can do to reduce that….and some things you can’t.

#7 – How will I be able to maintain a work-life balance? Work life balance is different for everyone. You are forced to make changes. But you decide what balance works for you and your family.

#8 – Is everything we do going to center around the baby/kids? In the beginning yes. Your social interaction will evolve a bit as the child gets a little older.

#9 – Will I lose my coolness? You will be forced to grow up. However, you don’t need to change who you are. Your interests (in addition to free time) may change a little (or a lot!).

You’ll just be a cool dad instead of a cool dude.



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