New Dad Tips for Girl Dads

parenting Apr 08, 2020
New Dad Tips for Girl Dads

If you’re reading this right now, we at Dad University are willing to bet that you’re a girl dad (or about to be one).

The concept of girl dads really came into vogue in 2020 following the passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. The Late Great former Lakers Number 8 was a father to four daughters, and in his words, “Girls are the best.”

As a new girl dad, you’re likely aspiring to be an MVP in the game of being a father to a daughter. Luckily, we’re here to share our tips for girl dads like yourself.

Follow these Dad University girl dad tips and you’ll be a pro at raising your daughter.

1. Get Physical

Physical contact is something we as dads instinctively engage in when we deal with our sons. We’ll often play physical games like sports and even take part in the occasional rough-housing with our boys.

While you might have reservations about adopting this approach with your daughters, don’t shy away from being physical with them. Introduce them to the same sports you’d introduce your sons to. Whenever possible, mildly rough house with them or toss them up in the air (and catch them, of course).

Being physical with your daughter isn’t just an essential part of bonding with them. By introducing them to physical activities, your daughters develop resilience early in their lives.

Also, studies are now showing that neurotransmitters are secreted during bouts of activity between fathers and daughters. Hence, being physical is great for your daughter’s brain health too.

Who knew?

2. Focus on Inner Beauty

When you focus on your daughter’s internal qualities, you’ll shift attention away from something your daughter can’t control — her appearance.

As a result, you’ll cultivate greater independence and, most importantly, you’ll help your daughter develop her self-esteem.

So, what exactly is the “internal?” For the most part, we mean your daughter’s actions and choices. Whenever you get a chance, compliment your daughter for her actions, choices, and how she treats other people.

We guarantee you that doing so will help your daughter develop confidence in the long run.

3. Encourage Her Strengths

As your daughters grow, they encounter situations that will test their resolve. It’s during these situations that you should encourage their strengths.

By recognizing your daughter’s strengths, your little girl will get the message that she’s got the tools to deal with challenges that come her way. As a result, she’ll feel empowered as fosters a sense of self-belief.

Encouraging your daughter’s strengths involves praising her for her efforts and not the results. When your daughter fails at a task, a good way to encourage her strengths is to acknowledge her willingness to try instead of the result.

4. Get Involved in Her Activities

Being a girl dad means stepping into your daughter’s world and fully embracing her interests and passions. Indeed, some of her activities may not be what you’d naturally be into. Nevertheless, you must remember that your involvement is about nurturing your relationship and understanding her world better.

Your daughter may have diverse interests, and these may range from sports to music to imaginative play. Regardless of what she enjoys, your participation is key.

If she’s into sports, attend her games, cheer her on, and offer constructive feedback.

Does she love music? Take an interest in her practice sessions, attend her recitals, and show her you’re her biggest fan.

By participating in your daughter’s activities, you’re telling her that her interests matter and that you’re invested in her happiness and fulfillment.

Most importantly, your involvement strengthens the bond between you, providing a safe space for her to share her thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

5. Be Supportive

Raising a daughter can lead to you wanting to protect her from what life throws her way. There’s nothing wrong with this, but remember that a fine line exists between being supportive and overprotective. Cross it, and you’ll either cause your daughters to be dependent or to be resentful towards you for being a “helicopter parent.”

For this reason, avoid the temptation to hover over her every move or shield her from every potential challenge. Instead, foster an environment where she feels supported in exploring new opportunities, taking risks, and learning from her experiences. Encourage her to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and develop resilience in the face of adversity.

By being supportive instead of overprotective, you’ll teach your daughter to trust her instincts and take control of her actions and decisions.

6. Be Aware of How You Treat Mom

Treating mom with respect and kindness sets the tone for healthy dynamics within your family. Using your treatment of mom as an example, your daughter learns about communication, conflict resolution, and mutual respect by observing how you interact with her mother.

Whether it’s through small gestures of affection, active listening, or acts of appreciation, your relationship with mom is a blueprint for her understanding of what constitutes a loving and respectful partnership.

7. Spend One-on-One Time

We’re all busy these days. Nevertheless, that’s no excuse for us to not carve out some time for our daughters.

One-on-one time offers a unique opportunity to engage with your daughter on a personal level, free from distractions and interruptions. It’s a chance to truly listen to her thoughts, dreams, and concerns, and to let her know that she has your undivided attention and support.

One-on-one time can be anything, from a planned outing to a spontaneous adventure. Even a cozy evening at home or some ice cream at your local park can count as one-on-one time. The key is to prioritize these moments and make them meaningful.

As you carve out some time from your day, remember that you’re not just building a bond with your daughter — you’re nurturing a lifelong friendship built on trust, understanding, and unconditional love.

Raise Your Daughter Like a Pro

As a girl dad, you have a responsibility to shape your daughter’s self-esteem, confidence, and worldview. By following these simple yet powerful tips, you’re not only building a strong bond with your daughter but also empowering her to face the world with strength, resilience, and grace.

So, go ahead — embrace the girl dad journey with open arms.

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