New Dad Truths Nobody Talks About

baby Apr 01, 2020
New Dad Truths Nobody Talks About

Being a dad is like nothing you’ll ever experience. However, is it really all fun, games, and the fun stuff you’d see in Hallmark cards? At Dad University, we are here to share some new dad secrets with you. 

Here’s the truth about being a dad that society — or your own father — may have kept from you. 

Follow along to learn what you’ll be in for when you become a father for the first time. 

You’ll Worry About Things That Don’t Matter

Don’t be surprised if you’re anxious leading up to your wife’s due date. As a new dad, you’ll start worrying about things like how your baby is going to turn out on the day, how the delivery will affect your home dynamics, and even the number of times your baby will need a diaper change. 

The worries don’t stop there. Once the baby is born, you’ll likely be thinking of the worst possible scenarios each time. The resulting anxiety will be enough to cause you to buy every baby product known to man. 

All of these worries can and will surface, but you need to understand that, most of the time, what you worry about figures itself out. 

If you’re a nervous wreck thinking about what the future will bring, catch yourself, and tell yourself that it’s going to be ok. 

You’ll Think That You Can’t Do It

It doesn’t matter how confident you are in every other aspect of your life. If there’s one thing that’ll make you think you won’t pass muster, it’s the prospect of fatherhood. 

Another truth about being a dad is that it can make you feel as though you’re traveling into uncharted waters. The uncertainty is an unnerving experience nobody ever prepares you for. 

What do you do when you’re feeling like you’re not up to the task? When you’re beginning to worry, know that you’re enough and that you can be a good father. 

Marriage Becomes Harder When They (Your Kids) Are Young

When it’s just you and your wife, marriage is grand as you journey through life side-by-side. However, do you know what can change all that? If you guessed that it’s children, you’re absolutely right.

A baby is undoubtedly a blessing. However, babies come with responsibilities that can force your marriage to take a backseat ride. This is especially true if your kids are young. 

Is it all bad news for your marriage when you have kids? No. 

Remember that your kids won’t be young forever. They will require less care and attention over time. When that time comes, you and your wife will have all the time in the world to spend together. 

Your Gut Isn’t Always Right

Trusting your instincts isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it plays a vital role when you’re making split-second decisions. 

However, there’s always a better way to deal with situations, and it’s up to you to learn and apply new strategies to take your dad game to the next level. 

At Dad University, we understand the struggle and confusion new dads experience. This is why we offer free resources and our Dad University subscription to help new fathers like yourself out. 

Check out our free resources or join Dad University and take the first steps to developing your fatherhood skills today. 

You’ll Forget That Your Child Is Still Learning

Whether it’s a new bedtime routine or the ABCs, your children will be in the process of learning things all the time. You need to accept that they won’t retain everything they’ve learned or habituated all the time. 

Remember, your kids’ formative years are a period of continuous learning and development. Knowing this, you must be patient and set realistic expectations when it comes to milestones and habits. 

Think of it this way — if we adults forget things sometimes, why should we expect children to learn everything right away? 

You Will Start To Think About Your Legacy

Have you ever thought of the impact you’ll leave on the world? If you haven’t, fatherhood will change that. 

When you become a father, you’ll start to evaluate every other aspect of your life. You’ll be in constant rumination about your career, your effect on your community, and family life. 

Why does this happen? You begin to think of your impact on the world after fatherhood because you become more conscious of the world around your kids. 

As a result, you want to play an active role in ensuring that your kids grow up in a world you want for them. 

You’ll Cry a Lot of Happy Tears 

Crying may not be something you do, but that may change when you become a dad. As a dad, you’ll have a front-row seat to many memorable experiences that’ll turn you into a fountain of joyful tears.  

Whether it’s your child’s first word or their graduation, you’ll be bawling from pure love and happiness. 

Allow yourself to shed some tears — happy tears, that is.

You Didn’t Realize You Could Love Something (Or Someone) so Much

Have you ever loved an object like your new car or the first house you bought? Take the feelings you had, multiply them by 10, and you’ll get the amount of love you’ll have for your children. 

When you become a father, your kids become the center of your world. You’ll do everything while thinking of them, ensuring that you’re doing things right in their eyes. 

You’ll also experience something indescribable just by being close to your kids. An afternoon just sitting by the porch or at the park becomes a five-star experience when you’re a father. 

Sure, there will be ups and downs. Nevertheless, the love you feel will make fatherhood the best time of your life. 

Key Takeaway: You’re in for an Amazing Journey

Fatherhood may have its ups and downs., but it’ll be one of the most life-changing journeys you’ll ever experience. No other experience comes close to bringing you joy like fatherhood does. Most importantly, you’ll discover a whole new side of yourself you never thought existed. 

Being a dad is rewarding but challenging at the same time. That’s why we offer free resources to help you out. 

You can also sign up for our Dad University membership to gain access to the online support forums, resources, and courses designed to help you through every challenge of fatherhood. 

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