New Year's Resolutions For Dads - 2018 Fatherhood Goals

videos Jan 04, 2018

In celebration of the 2018 new year, we are going to look at some new year’s resolutions for dads to make 2018 awesome. These are guaranteed to positively effect you.

#1 – Be more affectionate toward your child – You might think you are being affectionate, but I’m guessing there is room for more. If you work outside the house, be sure you are leaving and arriving with a hug or kiss. There should be a minimum of 2 per day just for that. Just a verbal “goodbye” is not acceptable.

#2 – Listen more, talk less – Us men are always trying to solve everyone’s problems, even when they don’t want us to. Just like your wife, your kids don’t need answers on everything.

#3 – Eliminate yelling (or at least reduce it). We often yell because we don’t know any other way to handle the situation. If you learn more parenting tools, you won’t need to yell (as much)

#4 – Spend more quality time with your child – For the time you spend with your children, quality is more important than quantity. Eliminate distractions, put down your phone, and connect with your child. If you have more than one child, make effort to do more things just one on one with each child

#5 – Provide more positive re-enforcement – You need to catch them being good and then say it, “Hey I saw how you were playing with your sister. I really appreciate you being nice to each other.” If there are behaviors you want to see more of, catch them doing it and make a big deal about it.

#6 – Love the child you have not the one you want – You may wish your child did this, or hoped that they would do that. Focus on what makes them unique and amazing. It will be better for them and you.

#7 – Practice gratitude more – Gratitude is the gateway to happiness. Try to find at least one thing every day that you are grateful for and verbalize it or write it down.

#8 – Make the house healthier – It’s a lot easier to eat healthier and exercise when everyone in the house participates. Reduce the amount of sugar in the house and make healthier choices for family meals.

#9 – Show more empathy – Try looking at situations from your child’s perspective more often. You’ll probably find yourself getting less frustrated.

#10 – Set a great example for your kids – Be aware that there are little eyes on you at all times.

As a parent, we no longer get to think what is just good for ourselves. We need to be aware that our actions, behavior and choices are a model for our children.


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