Parenting Classes for Fathers - Is a Dad Course a Waste of My Time & Money?

parenting Mar 09, 2021
Parenting Classes for Fathers

In this video we discuss if a parenting class for fathers is something that is worth the time and investment. Jason talks about how he began his parenting education by going through a parenting course but would have love specifically finding a parenting course for dads.

Fatherhood classes are hard to come by. Whether online or in person, there just aren’t a lot of options available for fathers. Jason recommends watching dad videos, reading books on being a dad, and taking a fatherhood course. We spend so much money and time on things that don’t provide our lives much value in the end.

Investing in a dad class is something that is priceless and can enrich your life for years to come. It can improve the relationship you have with your child, how you discipline and reduce your stress related to parenting. Jason is a big believer that a parenting course for fathers is well worth it.

Watch the "Parenting Classes for Fathers - Is a Dad Course a Waste of My Time & Money?" video here:

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