Parenting Fails - Are You Making These Mistakes? | Dad University Video Ep. 87

videos Jun 06, 2019

Sometimes we as parents need to be reminded that we have a little person watching us, hearing what we say, and doing what we do.  Parenting fails can happen quite often. In this video, I’m going over 6 things you aren’t doing but you need to so your kids can see it.

These parenting fails are common.  We are failing to do these things as parents and we need to fix it:   

1) Apologizing to Your Child –  Let’s say you get in an argument with your child.  You proceed to yell at them and eventually tell them to go to their room.  Maybe the normal outcome is you cool off, the child may need to apologize to you, and maybe you hug it out. The parenting fail here?  How many times have you apologized to your kids for the way you acted?  or because you are the parent you have a right to yell at them? PARENTING FAIL. Remember we want to teach them not to yell. It’s  important to apologize for your own behavior and let them know that you could have handled it better.  For example, “While I’m not happy about what you did, I could have handled that better.  Next time I will make a better effort not to yell.”

2) Making up with your wife – If your child sees you arguing with your wife, the parenting fail is that you not making up in front of them. PARENTING FAIL. Having your child see conflict being resolved is very important.  Now, you may hide arguments with your wife from your child but unfortunately they also don’t not see you make up.  I have admittedly staged a makeup with my wife.  My wife and I resolved the issue prior but knew it was important for our kids to see it, as they saw the argument.  So we resolved it again in front of them.  Avoid the parenting fail and makeup in front of them.

3) Eating healthy – Now this is a very common parenting fail.  You are eating horribly and your child is watching. PARENTING FAIL. They see you eat the extra desserts, drink the soda, and make poor food choices.  Is that what you want for them?  The national obesity rate for children is around 20% and for adults is around 40%.  This it’s completely avoidable. You need to be taking better care of yourself so that your child can learn how to take care of themselves.

4) Exercising – You don’t have to run a triathlon or be a competitive bodybuilder, but being active is important.  The parenting fail is that so many parents use the excuse that they are so busy. PARENTING FAIL. Be honest with yourself and just say that you haven’t made it a priority.  Go for family walks, get outside.  Show your child that being active is important.

5) Treating people with respect –  I can’t tell you how many times I hear a parent talking bad about someone in front of their child.  Whether it’s at school, at a restaurant, or at a store, you can’t do that. Big parenting fail. PARENTING FAIL. You want your child to respect you and other people, then show some respect.  Treat people how you would want to be treated.

6) Putting your electronics down – The granddaddy of parenting fails…We are telling our kids they watch too much TV or play too much video games yet we are on our phones all the time PARENTING FAIL. You can try to use the excuse that yours is “work related” but does that really matter?  and is that the truth.  Let’s try limiting our usage when we are in the presence of our children.  Monkey see, monkey do.  I’d love to hear from you.  What one of your parenting fails?  If you had to admit it. Let’s get it out and be honest.  Leave your feedback in the comments.


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